Anna Bäcklin is the new CEO of Softhouse Consulting

Softhouse’s Board of Directors has appointed Anna Bäcklin as new Group CEO of Softhouse Consulting Sverige AB.

Anna took over as CEO already on January 1, 2020.

– It is our ambition that the employees at Softhouse should be able to grow into new roles and it is positive that this can also be done at management level. It is also extremely gratifying when we now have both a female chairman of the board – in the form of Tove Janzon Rusch – and now also a female CEO in the form of Anna Bäcklin, says Tord Olsson owner and founder.

Anna Bäcklin, 38 years, came most recently from the role as CEO for Softhouse Consulting Sydost (Southeast). Anna has worked at Softhouse for over 5 years. First as CEO of the operations that Softhouse acquired from Capgemini in 2014 and since 2016 she has operated Softhouse Consulting Sydost as CEO.

– I feel very humbled for the mission to drive and lead Softhouse Consulting forward and build an expansive company with a solid and modern foundation. I believe in human leadership and a continued focus on our unique corporate culture. That our employees thrive and develop in their jobs is incredibly important in order for us to be able to deliver and do a good job, says Anna Bäcklin.

From 1:st of January 2020 and until the time a new replacement has been found for Softhouse Consulting Sydost AB, Anna will manage double roles. She replaces Bengt Gustavsson who will leave the role of CEO and instead go on to become CFO of Softhouse Consulting.

For any other questions please contact

Rebecka Lindhe, Chief Marketing Officer, Softhouse Consulting,

0729 – 829 409

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