Agile working methods provide efficient workflows and a clear project overview

Agile working methods provide efficient workflows and a clear project overview

An internationally well-known telecom company is facing major challenges in a market that is moving rapidly forward both technically and commercially. This places high demands on management and organization as the scope for ambiguities, misunderstandings and delays is very small.

A “head of department” felt that he had lost track of the project and had difficulty seeing the current status of the projects in progress. What was the status regarding e.g. division of labor, speed and priorities? The head of department began to ask himself whether the staff of about 80 people worked optimally. The manager sketched out a new way of working where one would start from agile methodology. But the difficulty was to see how to implement new processes in an organization of this size. Therefore, they talked to us at Softhouse and together with the customer we analyzed the existing work processes and initiated an agile transformation.

The department was divided into several development teams. On-demand training was conducted, Scrum methodology was introduced and the work was visualized on walls and boards. A visual value stream map was set up where the queues were made visible and measurements began. With the help of, among other things, cumulative flow charts, queues and lead times are monitored and appropriate measures are put in place where needed. The management team was coached to find their role in the new way of working.

Lead times were reduced from 11 to 3 months due to streamlining and visualizing the workflow.

The new way of working gave the management a completely new overview where staff could work more efficiently and under less stress. The discussion has been moved from allocation discussions to prioritization discussions. Queue formation has been greatly reduced and lead times have fallen from 11 to 3 months. The department head can more easily determine the health and delivery capacity of his development teams, which facilitates management and priorities. In addition, cooperation with other departments is simplified when they request work packages. Self-determination, dissemination of knowledge and well-being have increased in the teams in general.

”The telecom company”

The world-leading company develops and markets consumer products in the telecom area. Development departments for software and hardware are located in Europe, Asia and the USA.