A mobile ticket solution built in 5 months

Skånetrafiken – Mobile ticket solution with analysis function

Skånetrafiken needed a mobile ticket solution and an implementation of a complete ticket system together with a simple back office. We built the mobile ticket solution based on the existing ticket system and created both an Android and iOS version of the app.

It was important that the system customers were delivered within a short deadline and could also be integrated and collaborate with other Swedish transport companies and Danish DSB. We integrated mobile payment with ticket solutions such as PSP, SMS server and the ETIS traffic system.

The service is summarized in a simple mobile application that makes it easy for the traveler to buy a ticket directly in the mobile. An electronic ticket is created, which is easy to use, and which syncs with existing ticket systems which can then be used on all of Skånetrafiken’s means of transport. We also created a simple and easy-to-use interface for Skånetrafiken’s customer service that makes it easy to find individual tickets for a traveler or to make a refund. Skånetrafiken also received a simple review of analysis and statistics from use and statistics on the choice of means of transport or current ticket sales. The project started in February 2013 and was launched 5 months later, within the expected time frame.

“It is fantastic to be a project manager for a service that has been so appreciated by our customers and which has also received such an enormous amount of positive attention in the industry” – says Pernilla Nilsson, Business Developer Skånetrafiken

One year after the launch of the app, it had over 190,000 registered users and ticket sales increased continuously. About 120,000 mobile tickets are used every month and the ticket solution is developed regularly with functions that can scan printed travel documents, use discount codes or introduce digital campaigns directly in the app.


Skånetrafiken is responsible for public transport in Skåne and is a regional authority within Skåne County Council. Every year, more than 100 million bus journeys and more than 40 million journeys are made with the local trains Pågatågen and Öresundstågen.

Technologies and methods used in this project: Android, IOS, mobile tickets, mobile ticket, ticket solution, ETIS, SMS server, PSP, international, mobile application, mobile app