Smart climate systems that can be controlled remotely

SWEGON – Remote control service system and subscription service

Swegon’s products for indoor climate are equipped with control systems that are controlled from a built-in service panel. The finished systems have no connection to the internet, which has meant that service technicians have to physically go to the facility during inspections, troubleshooting and restoration.

Together with Swegon and the network partner Telenor Connexions, Softhouse has created an IoT-based solution where the foundation is a software that connects the climate system’s control system with Telenor’s platform “Cloud Connect” which is built with AWS cloud services. With the help of the web-based portal, Swegon’s customers and service technicians can now communicate with all air conditioning systems. The interface now makes it possible for both customers and service technicians to enter information about the facilities such as geographical location, model or emergency number.

… We also created a technical platform for a completely new type of business logic.

When Swegon introduced more efficient IT-based maintenance of its air conditioning systems, it also created a technical platform for a new type of business logic where it went from hardware to service. All this means that Swegon can handle many matters via remote connection instead of sending a service technician to the facility. Not least, troubleshooting can be done remotely and if something needs to be serviced or repaired, the service technician knows in advance which spare parts need to be brought. The collaboration between Softhouse and Swegon has also given rise to a technical platform that forms the basis for future subscription services. Yesterday’s unsmart hardware product – a climate system – will in the future be a smart service that is adapted for both technicians and customers.


SWEGON, which belongs to the Latour Group, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of intelligent, modular systems for ventilation and indoor climate.

Technologies used during the project: Swegon, telenor, telenor connexion, cloud connect, IoT, internal of things, control system, platform, troubleshooting, reset, service panel, AWS, Server less, MQTT