STAC PAD streamlines training and rehab

STAC PAD streamlines training and rehab through a technical platform

As a high-performing athlete, it is important to have full control of your training and the effect that the training gives. It is also important to continuously analyze and measure data to avoid damage and congestion. We have helped to create the screening function that collects data to be able to follow and evaluate a performance.

Together with STAC, we have developed the technical platform to be able to measure and screen the client’s physics by measuring mobility, strength and stability. The screening is used as a basis for creating personal and fully adapted training and rehabilitation programs. Previously, all data was handled manually using forms and protocols, which was both impractical and time-consuming, and this resulted in it being difficult to compile data, look for connections and identify trends or correlations.

We created magic with existing data where an algorithm suggests a training or rehab program

We started working with the technical platform and prototype that was developed and tested for STAC by BTH Innovation at Blekinge Institute of Technology. Step one was to map all the existing data set where we created an information model that was the basis for the architecture of the web application. In parallel with that work, the user situation was analyzed when the trainer, physiotherapist or naprapath collaborates with his client, which turned out to require both mobility and user-friendliness. In close collaboration with our customer, we developed a tailored web app for tablet and computer where the app has modules for screening, analysis, program design and accrual as well as functions for administering client data.

It is now a central tool for the STAC method and each screening is saved on a web server where the results are analyzed and an algorithm suggests a training or rehabilitation program that is adapted to the specific client’s needs. The proposal is then evaluated by the coach, honed and presented as a weekly program with exercises. An illustrated pdf file with the program layout is then emailed to the client. More than 10,000 clients are in STAC PAD’s database with completely unique data to follow an individual’s development or to use sport-specific screening forms. This means that as a coach you get access to sports-specific data and measured values ​​that are not found anywhere else.


STAC is a center for training, sports medicine and education. It was realized that data like these can be valuable to others in the related industry for e.g. physiotherapists, naprapaths, employers, coaches, competitive athletes and exercisers.

Technologies used: (C / C ++, Python) RTOS (embOS), BTH, analytics, web application, web app, app, tablet, computer