Martin chose a stimulating and challenging place for an internship where You have time to take care of the intern

When Martin Jarsäter applied for an internship, it was important for him to get a challenging and stimulating internship that has time to receive an intern; in that matter, he thinks that Softhouse was the right choice.

Martin Jarsäter is one of our trainees at the Stockholm office. When he’s not hanging out in our office, he’s studying the last semester of Computer and Systems Science at Stockholm University. During the training, Martin tried several different roles but got caught up early in programming and realized that he wanted to work with it in the future.

When Martin applied for an internship, he wanted the opportunity to feel what it’s like to work as a consultant on a larger project. Still, he was also looking for a workplace where he felt time and willing to receive and train an intern.

– From my very first day, Softhouse has really lived up to my expectations. I was looking for a challenging and stimulating internship, and there I really feel that Softhouse was the right choice, says Martin.

At Softhouse, everyone wants to share their knowledge

During Martin’s internship, he has worked on developing one of our larger projects. So far, he has mainly worked with Frontend in React, but he has also tried some backend and writing tests.

– The best thing about practicing at Softhouse is that everyone is so incredibly willing to share their knowledge, whether about code, design, current sprint, or future challenges. I really feel like I’m learning something new every day. With the tips and help I have received during the internship, I already feel that I will benefit greatly from my future working life, says Martin.

From the computer to the kitchen

When Martin is not studying or programming, he has a strong interest in football and cooking in the kitchen.

– I love trying new recipes and challenging myself in the kitchen. When it comes to football, I get to follow my favorite teams from a distance right now and stay updated with the help of a podcast or two, says Martin.

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