Softhouse is recruiting a new leader in Karlshamn

Jörgen Persson is recruited as the new manager of the Softhouse office in Karlshamn. Softhouse employs about 300 employees in its seven different offices where they work with digital transformation and software development. Jörgen has many years of experience from various managerial roles at Telenor and has previously, among other things. worked with change management and various digitization projects.

– It is almost two years since we started the office in Karlshamn and we still see great potential in the market. It feels extra fun that such a competent and driven person as Jörgen chooses to join us and I am convinced that he will accelerate growth in Karlshamn, says Tobias Kummel who is responsible for the operations in Sydost.

Jörgen Persson originally comes from Karlshamn and has for many worked as a leader at Telenor in Karlskrona and Stockholm. There, he has run various change and digitization projects in several different areas of activity. There has always been a focus on change management for Jörgen. He has extensive experience and understanding of a company’s various processes and will naturally be able to get involved in the business areas in which Softhouse’s customers operate. Jörgen believes in collaboration and the good partnership both internally and externally and he sees great potential in the region together with the competence and experience that Softhouse offers.

– I am convinced that with Softhouse’s strong competencies and broad experience, we can create close collaborations with various companies that are active in and around Karlshamn. At Telenor, I have had the privilege of developing in several different leading roles and after many years in the same place, I felt that I wanted to test new challenges. What attracts me to Softhouse is their good reputation for a strong and healthy culture in the company. That you care about and stand up for each other while having high ambitions and healthy goals. It feels very exciting to have the privilege of being part of Softhouse’s continued journey forward, says Jörgen Persson, new leader at Softhouse in Karlshamn.

Jörgen Persson will take up his new position from 17 May 2021.