A teacher from Softhouse made a good impression on our intern Ante

Ante is one of our interns in Växjö who gets the opportunity to be involved in a real developing project from scratch.

Ante Hellgren is one of our interns who is located in our office in Växjö. When he is not with us, Ante studies Frontend development at EC Education. There he gets to learn everything from HTML to modern frameworks such as React and Angular but also to work with different types of APIs.

– I was obsessed with programming and coding when I was little, but I couldn’t find  any  good education in that area. So two years ago I choosed to take up my old interest and now I am a few weeks away from taking my degree in frontend at EC, says Ante.

Softhouse is the ideal internship

Ante got to learn about Softhouse through one of his teachers who was hired from Softhouse and that he felt was very skilled. During the education, they have had several different teachers  from Softhouse who all have made a good impression on Ante.

– An internship at Softhouse was my number one choice after being there on a study visits and seeing how much time they invest in their interns. It really felt like the ideal internship, says Ante.

Ante gets a lot of freedom in his projects

During his first internship with us, Ante learned how it was to work as a developer, at the same time as he received support and help from all the Softhouse employees with their expertise. He did everything from planning projects, to having meetings with the customer, doing the development work and handling all the agile methods around it.

Now Ante is on his second internship with us and this time he gets to assist on building a video chat in react and NodeJS.

– The project is fun and going well. Delivering something that works in this short time is an intern’s dream. But it’s thanks to the employees taking the time to help and train me that I have been able to deliver in this short time, says Ante.

He continues.

– The best thing about the practice is that we get free hands in the projects. We are a team of different students from different educations who are involved and building from the ground and up. That gives us a lot of room for development, and also to take the lessons from each other as we possess knowledge in  different areas, says Ante.

When Ante is not studying or hanging out in our office, he likes to workout, both at the gym and go running.

– When I’m not exercising, I work on a code project, read, cook food with friends or have a beer in the sun, says Ante.

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