Oskar gets his motivation from seeing happy colleagues and customers

Oskar Sunesson works as a consulting manager and a developer at our office in Växjö. He gets motivated in his work by seeing employees grow in their roles and finding smart solutions to complex problems in software development. In his spare time he prefers to balance the sedentary working life with exercise and gardening.

Oskar works as a consulting manager and developer at our office in Växjö. His duties consist of leading and developing the local employees at Softhouse Växjö as well as developing software for gaming equipment such as computers, mice and keyboards. As a consulting manager, Oskar is responsible for a larger group of softhouse:ers and he manages personnel care, different office responsibilities and also handles a lot of customer contacts as well as recruitment.

– In my role as a consulting manager, there is always a lot of  focus on employees and their well-being as well as recruitment. The most fun thing about working as a consulting manager is seeing employees grow in their roles, says Oskar.

Something that can be a challenge in everyday life is to have enough time when there is so much fun to do and so many opportunities. It happens very exciting internally at Softhouse e.g. within our solution areas where I would like to be more involved. Oskar recently became a leader at the local office in Växjö and for him, “Team” is one of our most important values.

– A functioning team is often the foundation for a successful project and at Softhouse we are all Team players, says Oskar.

We are open and inclusive towards all people

Oskar began his journey in the IT world by becoming a graduate engineer in Technical Physics and Electrical Engineering in Linköping. Before he started working with us, he worked with development of control systems for unmanned aircraft in Linköping.

– In 2019, we moved to Växjö and in connection to that, a friend who was, at the time, employed at Softhouse, suggested I apply here. I looked more at the company and what attracted me was the combination of local self-government and being a part of a larger company with the opportunities that follows with that, says Oskar.

According to Oskar, these opportunities are collaborations across office boundaries and being able to work in teams with other softhouse:ers who are located in other places in Sweden. Through collaborations across office borders, there will also be a greater spread of assignments.

– The best thing about working at Softhouse is that we invest in our employees. Both in terms of skills development and personnel care. Right now, for example, we are running a training program where we run joint lunch training once a week, says Oskar.

He continues.

– I would say that our culture is characterized by openness and community. We are open and inclusive towards all people we meet regardless of nationality, gender, religion, etc. In addition, we are good at building a community within the company, a great company culture,  and creating a family feeling.

Balance in life

In his spare time, Oskar tries to complement the sedentary work of keeping his body and garden in shape to create balance in life.

– A lot of time is spent with the family, which consists of the cohabitant and two children, says Oskar. 

Oskar continues.

– Hm… my secret talent? We have a ping pong table at the Växjö office that is used during lunch breaks. There I can still say that my “backhand smash” is cruel, says Oskar and laughs.

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