Softhouse establish a new office in Kalmar through 26-year-old AI researcher Gustav

The 26-year-old Gustav Hammarström is now being recruited as the new office manager for Softhouse’s office in Kalmar. Gustav strengthens the existing office in Kalmar through the merger made earlier this year with the full-service agency Milou.

Gustav has previously been a doctoral student in Industrial Economics at BTH, where he also did research in AI programming for financial data. Gustav is now stepping in as office manager in Kalmar. Softhouse employs about 300 employees in its eight different offices where they work with digital transformation and software development.

– It is a great opportunity for us that Gustav will lead our business in Kalmar. We see Kalmar as an interesting region with great potential for growth. The fact that we can also co-locate together with our agency Milou makes it of course extra fun with this establishment. In the case of new establishments, we start from talented leaders who want to grow a business where they are located. So when Gustav we came in contact with Gustav, the pieces fell into place, says Anna Bäcklin, CEO of Softhouse.

Gustav Hammarström has previously been a doctoral student in Industrial Economics at BTH, where he has primarily researched in AI programming for financial data. He also has a background from other consulting companies in the manufacturing industry where he has worked with both sales and recruitment. Gustav will be a big part in building up the office in Kalmar and he views the challenge positively.

– It is exciting to be part of the start of the journey in Kalmar for Softhouse and I have a strong, and positive feeling for the company. There is a well-thought-out strategy, a community and a great exchange between the offices that creates an incredibly fine meaning. It also feels fun and challenging to put together teams with specialists from all over Softhouse in order to best solve the customer’s problems. It is a great strength that we have about 300 specialists in IT and digitization who can help our customers in the best way, not least now at an establishment in Kalmar.

Kalmar as an IT city is very exciting and has developed greatly in recent years. Not least in the E-health authority and E-commerce. The industry is beginning to have a great need for digitalisation and IT competence, and there we have a lot of experience from our previous assignments and large customers, especially from Blekinge.

During the spring, Softhouse acquired the full-service agency Milou with 4 people in Kalmar and now together they are forming an office of 8 people as a result of the recruitments made on an ongoing basis during the autumn.

Gustav took up his new position on November 1, 2021.