The Cloud expert Andreas prefers the consulting industry thanks to the flexibility

Andreas is our Cloud expert based in Stockholm. He gained interest in the consulting industry thanks to the opportunity to influence his own day-to-day work, continuously develop his own career and shape his direction going forward. When Andreas is not working with development he likes photography, art and music. 

Andreas Johansson works as a Cloud Solutions Lead at our office in Stockholm. Andreas leads the Cloud area with responsibility for guidance, growth and strategy. Both internally, in our delivery teams, but also directly to the customer.

– My duties can involve defining different project scopes and requirements, consulting on cloud architecture with associated areas such as infrastructure, security and information management or best practice for working with cloud services. I have a preference for the Linux terminal with the tool that belongs to it, says Andreas.

What motivates Andreas in his work is to always be able to learn more. To be able to contribute with his perspective and at the same time learning more from a situation, a colleague or customer.

– The most fun thing about my job is that I always face new challenges and that I get to work close to knowledgeable and skilled colleagues every day. The biggest challenge with my job is to keep up with the rapid development. The IT industry is growing and new services and products become a part of our everyday life very quickly, says Andreas.

He goes on to tell what it’s like to work as a consultant.

– Freedom and variety are what draws me to the consulting industry. I have great opportunities to influence my work, develop my career and direction forward, which gives me great flexibility.

At Softhouse I am seen and heard

Andreas started working in the IT industry 25 years ago. He started his career working as a Linux and network administrator already during high school, and has since then been in the industry. Before Andreas started working at Softhouse, he had his own company for many years with a focus on Cloud.

After several years as a self-employed person, Andreas thought about what he would do next and came across an ad from Softhouse. A company he hadn’t heard of before but that caught his eyes and he thought seemed interesting.

– I got in touch with them to find out more and the local CEO of the Stockholm office, Måns, called me back almost immediately, I think it even was the same afternoon. We had a long and good first conversation which gave me a great impression of Softhouse. This was followed up with a further number of conversations with, among others, another employee at Softhouse, Johan, whom I encountered earlier in one of the projects I worked on. The sum of the different conversations gave me a good insight into what kind of needs Softhouse had, what I could contribute with and what potential opportunities there were, says Andreas.

Andreas liked what he heard from different people, and did not really have to think about it too much. Shortly after the conversation, he chose the next step in his career, together with us at Softhouse.

Softhouse is an employer that cares and listens, I am seen and heard. Should I need to talk to my closest boss or the top management, it’s just a phone call away. Softhouse has a very open and inclusive corporate culture, says Andreas.

He continues.

– Of Softhouse’s values, I would say that simplicity is my favorite. Because simplicity always finds a way forward. Collaborating with problem solving and things like that is easy at Softhouse.

From the IT world to art and music

When Andreas is not working with Cloud, he has a great interest in photography and music.

– Which I in a previous life combined by taking photos at concerts and festivals. Film, art and good food are also something I like to spend my free time on, he says.

Andreas continues.

– But my secret talent must be that I can whistle like a bird.

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