​​Hana wants to build strong teams and find creative solutions in projects

Hana works as a consulting- & project manager at our office in Växjö. When she is not helping our customers with innovation projects or working closely with our colleagues, she spends her free time in the kitchen trying out new recipes.

Hana Ademaj works as a consulting- & project manager at the office in Växjö. As consulting manager, she works closely with the employees to ensure their well-being and making sure they have the best conditions to do their job as well as they can.

– Softhouse is currently on a growth journey and therefore we have a strong focus on recruitment to our different offices, says Hana.

In her role as consulting manager, she works as a project manager at IKEA Marketing and Communication.

– At IKEA, I lead an innovation project that I unfortunately can’t tell you about, but which is super fun and interesting. IKEA is a company that invests a lot in innovation and it’s fun that we at Softhouse can be part of their journey, says Hana.

What motivates Hana in her work as consulting manager are satisfied and happy employees who feel appreciated, included and motivated. Hana believes that our employees are the core of Softhouse and thanks to their great commitment, our company also has satisfied customers.

– In my role as project manager, I am passionate about leading, building strong teams and finding innovative and creative solutions, says Hana.

She continues.

– The most fun thing about my job is to see people grow and accomplish things they didn’t think were possible. A big challenge in my day to day work is the current restrictions due to the pandemic that we all face. It can be difficult to strengthen collaborations  and keep the culture intact when we work from home. But I think that our established culture has played a significant role during this period to keep our employees.

At Softhouse you can contribute and make a difference

A few years ago, Hana moved to Växjö to study at Linnaeus University and after her master’s degree in leadership and management, she started working as a project manager at a company in the Igaming Industry.

– After a while, I wanted new challenges and opened my eyes to Softhouse and the consulting industry when Kemal took over as CEO of Småland. We had a meeting to discuss possible opportunities and I got a very positive view of the company and liked the opportunity to test different industries and improve my skills, says Hana.

According to her, Softhouse has a very open, warm and encouraging corporate culture that promotes continuous learning, community and innovation. At Softhouse, everyone has the opportunity to influence, contribute and make a difference.

– If I were to choose one of Softhouse’s values ​​that is my favorite, my favorite word would be “Passion”. This is because we at Softhouse are passionate and always strive to do a little extra for our employees and customers. I feel privileged to work with extremely competent and passionate colleagues who are really passionate about their work, says Hana.

From the office to cooking

When Hana is not working, she prefers to spend time with her husband and their families or spending time with friends cooking.

– I have always had a great interest in food since I was very young. When I have time, I often cook in my kitchen – preferably Italian or something from my home country Bosnia, says Hana.

She continues.

– My secret talent must be that I am very creative! I grew up in a musical family, but unfortunately I did not inherit that gene. Therefore, I had to find my own thing and it became painting and creating.

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