Meet Daniel Hultgren – a business analyst passionate about solving complex problems with his team

Daniel Hultgren is a Business Analyst at our office in Växjö and has a team spirit like few. He is passionate about solving complex problems and delivering suitable solutions to customers – together with his team.

Daniel has a long and broad experience within the IT industry but enjoys working as a consultant today. He gets to hone his skills and evolve in several different technologies, environments, and businesses every day. Daniel also has a great interest in systems and how digitization can help people in their everyday life. As a Business Analyst, he often takes part in the requirements work in a project. The importance of understanding the whole picture and, at the same time, being able to dive into detail is essential – something that suits him well as he has an excellent communicative ability and is solution-oriented.

-There is always a challenge in being up to date, and this applies to everything from monitoring the environment regarding new technologies to changes continuously appearing in your current client projects. It is a constant balancing act to be responsive to capture the needs that exist in the business, says Daniel.

Currently, Daniel is part of an exciting assignment at the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, where he fills the role as a requirements analyst in a development team. Together, they work to develop socially critical e-services in the self-service part. Being part of the solution and understanding a complex overall picture, and then breaking it down to the needs that are demanded in a system together with his team is the part that motivates Daniel the most in his work.

-There are many significant challenges in my work. Helping my team to create consensus in our project is an example. But what gets me every time and motivates me is to do it through Agile working methods, says Daniel.

Daniel already has solid experience working in agile development teams. He is happy to support colleagues and companies with strategy and thinking that creates value to improve both the company’s and the team’s way of working.

Competent colleagues and a winning culture made Daniel choose Softhouse

Although Daniel has quite a background in IT with different roles, it was skilled colleagues and the humility of a winning culture that made him want to be part of Softhouse. The opportunity to continuously develop and be challenged within a company with an open and inviting culture that cares about the individual and the team was a winning concept for Daniel.

-Digitization, agile working methods, and team spirit were some of the things that made me open my eyes to Softhouse. Now, six months later, I feel that it was the right step in the right direction for me. I get to work with competent people and be encouraged by colleagues and managers daily to keep developing and honing my skills, such as in new technologies.

Daniel continuous.

-I must add that there is a huge team spirit here at Softhouse. It is very inspiring to work with such a supportive company and colleagues. You never stand alone in anything. It does not matter if you are facing challenges with a customer or are stuck with a technical problem; help is always close at hand. And it is pretty nice that we always try to create relaxed and fun moments together, both at and outside of work, no matter what the working day might bring.

From the IT industry to fly fishing

When Daniel is not doing demanding work or solving socially critical e-services, fly fishing is next on the list amongst the things he loves to do.

– Yes, I like fly fishing. Truthfully, everything associated with fly fishing is a bit of a passion, Daniel shares jokingly.

It is not only in the job that Daniel enjoys close relationships with colleagues and his team. Even in his spare time, he appreciates all the opportunities he can have with his friends and colleagues. But when he is not in the company in a social context, he enjoys being in the world of literature.

-I read a lot too. I want to say that I am a bit of a bookworm and like to read everything from fiction to history.


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