AI at Softhouse: Which podcasts work and which ones don’t?

Podcast creators are in need to know which topics of conversation are the most interesting to the listeners. Is it gardening? Or is there an increasing interest in family law? Media technology company GetReach got Softhouse help to connect podcast content and listener interest by using AI.

Many listeners today go through several podcast episodes a week, while the number of podcasts is growing explosively. Although the radio medium and podcasts have many similarities and have a joint annual Swedish industry gala in the form of the Guldörat, the analysis tools have not come very far in professionalizing podcast production against listener data. One step in learning more about listener behavior is to analyze what the podcasts are really about with the help of AI and then connect with how the podcast reached out. Softhouse helped the media technology company GetReach to develop a tool.

This project started with me training a simple model for topic classification in podcasts. It is  incredibly fun and exciting to see the progress made using more advanced models to take this to a useful proof-of-concept. Linking this analysis to listener data, I believe, will prove to be a powerful tool for creators, says Olof Bengtsson, who was involved in developing the project.

The AI engine that Softhouse created builds on powerful language analysis models – Large Language Models (LLM). The audio file is first transcribed from the podcast to text. The podcast is then divided into short sections where each piece is classified with regard to topic and sentiment, i.e., whether the feeling is negative or positive. Today we have a working proof-of-concept where a user can upload podcast episodes and get visualized results.

We are delighted with the projects we have carried out together with Softhouse. They have tackled one of the industry’s biggest challenges since the analysis of technical listener data began on a wide scale. Always with great enthusiasm and excellent results, says Harald Eilert, CTO and Co-Founder at GetReach.

AI is an area in which we at Softhouse increasingly see both demand and opportunities. We have solid competence in the area, and our experts are happy to contribute with their knowledge and expertise and share it with the market.


Do you want to know more about the project with GetReach? Contact:

Edward Savbrant

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