AI/ML developer with a flair for NLP

Olof Bengtsson started his journey at Softhouse during a summer job and went on to write his thesis together with GetReachAudio and us. Today he is a driven AI/ML developer at Softhouse focusing on language processing (NLP).

In the summer of 2021, Olof applied for a summer job with us at Softhouse. He was then in his fourth year of Technical Physics and had no previous experience in the industry he was training in. Shortly after that, it was time to write the thesis and think about the next step in his career – a job!

After the summer, I had the opportunity to write my thesis with Softhouse and GetReachAudio, as my focus area within Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning was NPL. In all these steps, I enjoyed myself very well, so while writing my thesis, I raised the question of being able to start working at Softhouse after graduation, which is also how it turned out, Olof says with a smile on his face.

Today, Olof applies AI and ML techniques to create AI-driven solutions. In the short time he has been with us at Softhouse, he has managed to supervise and deliver the student project Politweet: a tool developed that analyzes tweets using AI to analyze the Twitter posts of our party leaders in the year before the election. He has also recently been involved in delivering a working proof-of-concept.

I was just involved in delivering a working proof-of-concept that uses artificial intelligence to analyze podcasts. A fascinating project started with me training a simple model for topic classification in podcasts to connect the analysis to listener data. That will prove to be a powerful tool for creators, says Olof Bengtsson.

AI @ Softhouse

The field of AI/ML is proliferating with today’s technologies, and progress is constantly being made. Everyone uses software to a large extent, and artificial intelligence is being built into more solutions, which motivates Olof in his work.

What motivates me in my work is understanding the various opportunities and problems that exist here. The most fun part is, of course, how to find the best solution for these.

Olof continues:

The field of AI/ML is growing so fast that it is almost difficult to keep up with the constant progress and the new technologies being developed. AI/ML is used in things that most of us use every day, and in my world, this means that it is very applicable and a creative area to work in, says Olof.

Olof is also part of the group that runs the AI/ML initiative at Softhouse, where in 2022, they went from one to five employees.

When you grow – Softhouse grows! 

When designing each employee’s professional development, we place great emphasis on finding the right balance between our client’s needs and the employees’ professional drive and goals.

I have received all the support I asked for to succeed. The best thing about working at Softhouse is that they care about your personal development, says Olof Bengtsson.

He continues:

Much is thanks to the fantastic company culture that prevails. I felt welcome and seen from the first moment – I was not just one in the crowd!

Furthermore, Olof says that he likes how everyone at Softhouse treats each other as if they are on the same level and that it is not at all an unusual occurrence that, for example, a junior and a manager exchange ideas with each other as equals. He also tells us that his favorite watchword is Simplicity.

My favorite value word is Simplicity, although all four feel essential. But Simplicity because anyone can make a solution complicated, but it takes a lot of skill and finesses to create a solution that is simple.

We also asked Olof about his favorite tools and programming languages​​out of pure curiosity.

I prefer to work with Python because it is relatively easy to understand, but mainly because many powerful machine-learning libraries are available there. Keras is my favorite tool because it makes it easy to build, train and evaluate AI models.

From AI/ML to diabolo

When Olof is not training AI models or delving into his newfound passion Cloud, he prefers to move or join an orchestra.

I like to stay active in my spare time, where football and tennis are recurring activities. Since 12 years ago, I have also been in an orchestra where I play the trombone.

Olof is a young man with many exciting talents, and he also has a secret talent.

My secret talent is that I can juggle a diabolo. To the uninitiated, it looks a bit like an hourglass that is placed on a string, says Olof.


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