Erik Sylwan Ahrholt new CFO at Softhouse

Erik Sylwan Ahrholt new CFO at Softhouse
Erik Sylwan Ahrholt new CFO at Softhouse

Erik Sylwan Ahrholt, with extensive financial experience in the software industry and banking sector, becomes the new CFO at Softhouse, a software expert based in Malmö. The company operates in 11 locations, including Bosnia, and has an investment portfolio of seven software-intensive growth companies. Erik, with his broad and operations-oriented experience, will contribute to the group’s continued development.

Softhouse is further boosting its ability to continue growing in a wise and controlled manner, even in times of tougher competition in the market. Recent years have shown good geographical growth, an increase in the number of employees, and revenue growth.

We are very pleased to have Erik on our team. He brings a sharp eye for financial integrity as well as wisdom in how we can work together to bring out the best in us, says Sara Mårtensson, CEO of Softhouse. We work with software both figuratively and literally speaking, meaning it is together with our colleagues we will take the company forward.

The Softhouse group has several ongoing location scale ups, business acquisitions, and investments. A CFO for such an operation must be able to switch perspectives to provide the best possible support in the three pillars on which Softhouse rests. One pillar is engineering with a focus on software development, another is design through the acquisition of Milou two years ago, and the third pillar is small investments in companies that can benefit from Softhouse’s software and design capabilities.

Softhouse is an exciting group. It is a well-managed and warm company with enormous potential in its unique structure and the people who make up Softhouse, says Erik Sylwan Ahrholt. “Moreover, there has been an agile mindset in the business for many years, which means constantly changing and improving. I feel a positive and ambitious atmosphere that strongly appeals to me.

A common thread throughout Erik’s professional life, regardless of the industry, is that it is not enough to work with just numbers. The truly excellent results come when one deeply understands and collaborates with the people in the business.

In times of change, it is important to be humble and keep in mind not all changes are always improvements, but all improvements are changes, says Erik Sylwan Ahrholt. My experience tells me that improvements are easier for humans to handle when they come frequently and gradually rather than rarely and disruptive. As CFO, I am currently experiencing a fascinating time, thanks to the digital transformation that is reshaping my area of responsibility and opening up entirely new possibilities for us within corporate finance functions, concludes Erik.


Erik joins Softhouse Nordic as CFO from his previous role as Finance Director at CGI. He started his position on July 17.