Smart IoT-based solutions for remote-controlled climate systems


E.ON made it possible for their clients to achieve power savings

Go-Ahead Nordic

Three full client applications for Go-Ahead Nordic – to meet the Norwegian Authorities’ needs


Prototyping a service for Skånetrafiken to promote resource-efficient transportation

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We are happy to share our long earned experience in process improvement and digitization to help you grow and continuously develop and stay competitive in the market. On this page, we have collected some of the cases we have worked with over the past (almost) 25 years. For example, our excellent collaboration with Skånetrafiken! Curious about a particular industry or a specific case? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and a deeper presentation of our references.


The tool that makes a complete screening of the client's physics

As a high-performing athlete, it is important to have full control of your training and the effect that the training gives. It is also important to continuously analyze and measure data to avoid damage and congestion.

Together with STAC, we have developed the technical platform to be able to measure and screen a client’s physics by measuring and documenting mobility, strength and stability. We have been involved in creating a screening function where data is collected so that a performance can be monitored and evaluated. The screening is the basis for creating personal and fully adapted training and rehabilitation programs.

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Smart climate systems that can be controlled remotely

Swegon’s products for indoor climate are equipped with a control systems which are controlled from a built-in service panel. The current systems lack an internet connection, which means that service technicians have to physically go to the facility during inspections, troubleshooting and restoration.

Together with Swegon and the network partner Telenor Connexion, Softhouse has created an IoT-based solution and is based on software that connects the climate system’s control system with Telenor’s platform “Cloud Connect” which is built with AWS cloud services. With the help of the web-based portal, Swegon’s customers and service technicians can now communicate with all their air conditioning systems directly from the office.

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A mobile ticket solution for 5 months

Skånetrafiken was in need of a complete mobile ticket solution consisting of a mobile application for the end users and an associated backend system, which would be easy to control from a back office. We built the mobile ticket solution based on the existing ticket system and created both an Android and an iOS version of the app.

“It is fantastic to be a project manager for a service that has been so appreciated by our customers and which has also received such an enormous amount of positive attention in the industry” – says Pernilla Nilsson, Business Developer Skånetrafiken

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