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A new game plan with constant change

A new game plan with a high rate of change

Trade is being transformed at a high rate into e-commerce, but sales continue to grow. The fierce competition, new customer behaviors, shifts in technology and business models mean that traders must adapt and keep up with developments

The available marketplace for each individual has also never been larger and e-commerce has created completely new conditions for sales. With our strong technical background, we have been involved in tailoring advanced solutions, systems and integrations that are completely adapted to your specific needs. We can help you easily set up an e-commerce regardless of what goals or prior knowledge you have in digital commerce. We can tailor solutions as well as use ready-made platforms, systems and integrations and have worked with most different solutions before. Of course, we can also help you tailor completely individual solutions and build a system from scratch.

Regardless of the scope of the challenge and your starting point, we always go through and analyze where you are and how we can best create concrete solutions in critical focus areas. Then we create a concrete action plan that enables a quick move towards an e-commerce and web shop that gives results.

IoS or Android

Mobile adapted and user-friendly

More and more purchases are being made in the mobile phone and it is important that your e-commerce also keeps up with the phone. We are good at mobile adaptations with everything from search to payment systems. We work entirely with responsive methodology, which means that all our solutions work on all different devices and devices. If you want your own App, we can of course help you with that as well.

We have many experts in user experience and can help you create the most effective and sales-converting mobile solution possible.

  • UX / UI
  • App development
  • Mobile-adapted web
  • User-focused development

Technical platforms and systems

Logistics and warehouse management

For larger established stores, process support for the supply chain can be just as important as the shop window itself. We have experience from working with everything from logistics and delivery integration, delivery points, warehouses and warehouse deliveries, physical stores with barcodes and barcode readers, label printers, return and bill of lading solutions and other extensive areas that you as an e-retailer must be aware of.

  • Back office client with a good shopping experience
  • Back office client for customer service
  • Back office client for warehousing and packing
  • Logistics and delivery integration, delivery points, warehouses, warehouse delivery, physical stores

Maximize the benefits of the systems with

Integrations and API connections

That systems communicate with each other is a requirement for most businesses to function effectively. Therefore, system integrations are both an important and strategic issue. Integrations that work allow you to work in several different systems without having to manually update or check the information and we help you on the journey from a diverse integration landscape with a high level of personal dependence to a flexible and more future-proof solution. Today’s buying patterns have changed and the physical store is moving towards an increasingly digital one with click-and-collect principles where the requirements for integrated systems are growing significantly.

The most common are integrations between the business system, CRM or PIM directly in the web shop. The most important thing is to ensure that a standardized integration meets the requirements that the business has for automated flows, as a tailored integration can be difficult and more expensive to adapt.

Common integrations are with larger business systems and CRM such as:

  • Fortnox
  • Visma
  • Pyramid
  • Hubspot
  • Lime
  • Salesforce
  • mm.

Do you want to develop the foundation first?

Concept, design, prototype and configuration

The most important thing is that this is a modern and flexible web solution that has high usability and is easy to use. In order for your e-commerce to be as high-performing as possible, we create a stable and simple concept base where you get a sense of design and “how it will actually work” before the project starts in full scale if you wish.

To create a good experience, a configurator corresponding to a “Car” / “Caravan” must be implemented. Where you see your choices in real time. Many people think that their products are too difficult and complex to handle by an e-commerce solution. Some products have many different properties and options that require careful calculations, but with a product configuration, customers can put together these complex products which are then sent in the form of quotes.

A technical partner who knows


The foundation in Softhouse is built on our great technical competence and agile and technical foundation. Therefore, we are a good and simple partner in the construction of an e-commerce and have extensive experience in technical challenges. We have a wide range of system and interface developers with experience and knowledge in several different platforms such as EPIServer, Lithium, Prestashop and WordPress, but can of course tailor completely own modular solutions for your specific needs. The goal is fast, scalable solutions that are built on the latest technology and that maintain the highest possible safety standard. All so that you can scale up or down your business at any time and at the same time have high security on your material.

Most web solutions and e-commerce solutions are built on a complex infrastructure and that is exactly where our great expertise lies. We can guide you as a technical partner throughout your journey and can at the same time handle all parts of Integrations and APIs that we are particularly keen on.

Examples of areas we are good at:

  • PIM, variants, colors, sizes, combinations, images, specs.
  • Promotions and offers, discounts and price management
  • Payment solutions, cards, invoices, credit checks, abroad?
  • Credit and return management
  • Loyalty program
  • Business system / Invoicing / Balances and reports
  • Users, user groups
  • Multilingual support
  • Currency support
  • CRM system
  • Monitoring

Make sure everything flows as it should with the right

Operations and maintenance

If you do not have time yourself, we can help you take care of all operation, management and maintenance for your platform. We ensure that everything works as it should and handle any updates on an ongoing basis. The solution must be developed on modern software that is easy to operate and maintain with simple means.

We are good at working scalably and take into account any sales peaks that you platform must be able to handle. It is important to bring with you for any sales peaks at ex. Christmas sales or campaigns that should be able to scale so that they can handle loads and have protection for ex. congestion attacks.

We can help you with, among other things:

  • SEO
  • Social Networks
  • Analytics
  • Omnichannel
  • Multichannel Experience

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