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Softhouse Accelerate shares its extensive IT knowledge and at the same time your company gets an active partner who provides guidance, management skills and capital for digitization.

Your choice for automatically aggregated product information and user-oriented search engine 

Digital support in a patient’s care journey, from booking a visit to a patient portal to following up a clinical treatment with analysis for measures, in the care and dental care sector. 

Secure comment service and live reporting service that aims to increase publishers’ on-site engagement. Among the customers today are leading media platforms.

One-stop-shop for proactive exploration. With Tölve, you do not wait for customers to come to you, but you come to customers.

OurLiving is a Malmö-based technology company with extensive experience in building automation and solutions for home automation, so-called “smart homes.”

Emerge Consulting allows you to hire qualified specialists for a project without having to sign permanent contracts or pay for recruitment costs.

With a focus on state-of-the-art cartographic production and information optimized for every situation, we are proud to work with some of the most prestigious customers in the world.

Dlabs offers solutions for analysis and optimization of electricity network performance. As a result of research linked to Lund University, the company is now ready to take the technology to the world market.

Invest Exit

EXIT – Qvantel’s cloud-ready Digital BSS delivers modern solutions for monetization, cost-savings, and customer engagement.

We invest in technology and software-heavy companies

Softhouse Accelerate invests in growth companies with projects, solutions and products that we believe in. We invest in companies that are based on software and thereby create the digital business of the future.

By bringing in Softhouse as an investment partner, you can utilize our extensive IT knowledge and at the same time get an active party that helps you with guidance, coaching and scaling of digitization in your company.

Our investment business enables us to be close to innovation and cutting-edge technology and can be involved in developing digital business for real. We invest active capital where we can participate and contribute with the craftsmanship in software development that we are known for, management services, business development and digitization.

We develop future companies

We look at the business in new ways and work from the outside to accelerate new or existing businesses and offers. We are good at taking companies to the next step and finding new business opportunities by looking outside the company’s traditional business. We work continuously with packaging and business development, are involved in the company’s board and sometimes also in the operational management.

We offer management services to all our portfolio companies to help our companies to as complete and successful a business as possible. We turn to you who need to complement your current business with a strong digital partner. We, at Softhouse Invest, are a partner that offers active capital where you get software expertise on the purchase. Maybe you need a fresh start in digitization or do you need to wake up a company that has stagnated?

... With your support, we have also succeeded in establishing new business areas and business models. ”
Sten Ravhed, CEO T-Kartor Group AB

“I have worked with Softhouse Accelerate for the past 5 years. Together with their team, we, at T-kartor, have received valuable help to build a profitable and growing company where they are always professional and accommodating.

When we started the collaboration, they immediately understood in which areas we needed help to cope with the strong growth. Today, we have an organization in balance where we handle the day completely internally. If there are any question marks, you can always have a discussion about the way forward that provides quick answers and security in our development.

What has surprised me most about Softhouse Accelerate is your breadth. The competence extends not only to technology and technology delivery but also other practical issues that arise over time. In addition to the direct benefit, it is fun to work together with a good team where everyone contributes. With your support, we have also succeeded in establishing new business areas and business models. ”

Sten Ravhed, CEO T-Kartor Group AB

We are a support for digitizing the business

We can help you with a variety of cutting-edge skills in software. We have specialists in all types of IT projects, regardless of whether you need help with being responsible for all or parts of the project.

We can help you with the application of, and lift your digital business. Do you perhaps have a company where you need to strengthen with AI, Machine Learning, Transformation to Cloud etc. Then we can help you.


We know SaaS services


Introduction to Industry 4.0


Dev. Software and IT skills


AI Expert competence in Data Science

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We are software professionals and develop digital business with you.

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