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We find innovative ideas and companies where our expertise and expert areas help the entrepreneur to succeed in realizing his big ideas.

We invest in the future

Softhouse Invest works to find innovative ideas and companies where our expertise and expert areas help the entrepreneur to succeed in realizing his big ideas. We are a partner that helps your business succeed. Softhouse Invest, invests in entrepreneurs with projects, solutions and products that we believe in. We invest primarily in companies with a large need for software development that creates the digital business of the future.

Our investment activities enable us to be close to innovation and pioneering technology and can participate in and develop digital business for real. We are a partner that invests in active capital where we contribute with craftsmanship in software development, management, business development and digitalization.

We are good at lifting companies to the next step and finding new business opportunities by looking outside the company’s traditional business. We work continuously with packaging and business development, participate in the company’s board and sometimes also in the operational management. We offer management services to all of our portfolio companies to help our partners in the most complete and successful business possible.

Our portfolio companies

Our portfolio companies are founded in the 1980s up until 2016 and we cover the entire range from startup to mature companies. What’s common to our commitment is that they all have a software component at the bottom of their product and that we then act as a catalyst and help the company take the next step.

T-Kartor was founded in 1985 and delivers solutions and products in three different areas: Geospatial solutions, map production and road guidance in cities. At the bottom lies a digital map production system (CPS) that enables quick and easy map production for a variety of applications. The company has developed a large web system (GT) for handling all types of big data, but focus on geographical information.

Emerge, founded in 2017 in Warsaw, works with consultancy in software and system development.

Tölve has developed a platform for automation of exploration for sales organizations. At the bottom are machine learning algorithms that, based on customers’ CRM data, public financial information and other information such as social media, generate ranked prospecting lists for sellers. The platform was launched in December 2017.

Pitchler was founded in 2016 and has developed a platform for video-centered job search and candidate matching. A place where job seekers and companies find each other in a simple and appealing way. The platform was launched in August 2017 and the latest version was released in May 2018.

Compare IT founded in 2005 offers smart home solutions for both houses and apartments. The base is Homeline, which is a control system installed in the power plant. The solution also includes apps and a cloud solution for monitoring and controlling the home.

Shopit IT founded in 2012 offers the world’s most comprehensive search engine for products. Fully expanded, it will contain 1 billion products from over 300,000 e-commerce sites perfectly packaged in over 50,000 product categories.


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