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At the very core of our work is our passion for sharing and our constant willingness to learn and develop. We believe that by sharing our experiences, insights and expertise, we can jointly explore new opportunities and stay up-to-date.

We see it as a necessary part of being able to offer you as a customer the very best solutions. In addition, we genuinely think it’s fun to learn new things and learn from each other. So every day is an opportunity to grow and share knowledge with you.

Work agile

Agile working methods are a flexible and iterative strategy for project management and product development that focuses on collaboration, customer-centric development and continuous improvement.

By focusing on delivering valuable results in smaller iterations rather than following strict plans, companies can adapt quickly to changing demands and benefit from increased productivity.

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Lean Magazine

Lean Magazine, Scandinavia’s leading magazine in agile and Lean software development, was a source of knowledge and insights for many in the industry. Although we no longer produce Lean Magazine, its archives are a valuable resource library for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of agile and Lean methods.

You are welcome to explore the previously published issues and benefit from the knowledge and inspiration to be found there.

LeanMagazine #16

“Agile leadership”

LeanMagazine #15


LeanMagazine #14

“Agile business”

LeanMagazine #13


LeanMagazine #12

“Scaling agile”

LeanMagazine #11

“Continuous delivery”

LeanMagazine #10

“Greasing the machinery”

LeanMagazine #9

“Agile project management”

LeanMagazine #8

“Anniversary edition”

LeanMagazine #7

“Teamwork & Technology”

LeanMagazine #6

“Product development flow”

LeanMagazine #5

“Lean software architecture”

LeanMagazine #4

“Requirement Management”

LeanMagazine #3

“Fighting waste”

LeanMagazine #2

“Good Product Ownership”

LeanMagazine #1

“Outsourcing with scrum”

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