• Movehome / Trivselhus - Svensk husproduktion AB

    What? The mission involved converting Movehome's existing image-based configurator into a platform where users can visualize and customize their homes in real time.

    Organization: Movehome, Trivselhus via Svensk Husproduktion AB

    Industry: 3D Configurator

    Number of employees: about 130

    Turnover: > Ca 2 billion SEK (2022)

    Technologies and methods: 3D, Unity, C#, Angular, TypeScript, Blender, Adobe XD, Figma, UX, UI

  • Nordisk Clean Disk Solutions

    What? Since 1987, Nordisk has provided the best in heavy duty dishwashing technology to commercial kitchens worldwide. With a patented Granulat technology, the dishes are cleaned faster with less resources such as water, detergent and energy.

    Organization: Nordisk Clean Disk Solutions AB

    Industry: Internet of things

    Employees: ca 70 st

    Turnover: > Ca 250 mnkr (2022)

    Technologies and methods: Internet of things (IoT)

  • Växjö Lakers

    What? Progressive Web Application (PWA) for daily reading time logging, encouraging messages, progress tracking

    Organization: Växjö Lakers hockey club

    Industry: Sports technology

    Number of employees: Approximately 10

    Revenue: > Ca 150 m swedish kr (2022)

    Technologies and methods:

    Google Firebase, UI, UX, React, StypeScript

  • About the Client: Skånetrafiken

    The customer: Skånetrafiken is an administration within Region Skåne with the task of offering sustainable travel to everyone who lives, works and travels in Skåne. All traffic is run by different companies that have been procured in competition.

    Industry: Public transportation

    Number of employees: Just over 400

    Revenue: > 2,9 BSEK in Sales, total ~5,5 BSEK (2019)

    Technologies and methodologies used:

    Remote Design Sprint, UX prototyping, User testing, Remote facilitation, Miro, Google Hangout, Adobe XD

  • About the Client: Go-Ahead Nordic

    The Nordic customer: Great Britain’s biggest private train and bus operator has established themselves in the Nordic countries. They have so far won the train line operating between Oslo and Stavanger.

    Industry: Transportation

    Number of employees: ca 30 000

    Revenue: 3,898.4 million £

    Technologies and methodologies used:

    Javascript, React/Redux, Swift, Cotlin, Net/C#, Azure, SQL, Rest API, GraphQL