Softhouse developer cloud services

We know cloud technology – whether you are already in the cloud or planning to switch to cloud services

  • We help you to focus on your core business by being responsible for or contributing to the development of your cloud technology – regardless of whether you already use the cloud or plan to switch to cloud services in full.

For a successful and cost-effective journey to or in the cloud

Managing software development and operating IT services in the cloud is becoming more important and more complex.

Therefore, expertise is needed in both design, planning, implementation and development. Softhouse experts helps you avoid risk and ensure a successful journey to or in the cloud.

We handle all parts of the implementation of cloud services

We handle all parts that are important in the construction and implementation of cloud services, including development tools and process, technical development, storage, networking – everything required to manage service development and infrastructure in the cloud.

In addition to offering expert and specialist knowledge about development in the cloud, we can also help you manage strategy and management, such as:

  • Lead and manage projects, cultural changes and approaches

  • Develop and coordinate architecture between groups

  • Develop a strategy and coordinate the adaptation process for it

  • Due diligence of systems, software and related services

  • Establish best practices for cloud services

  • Choosing cloud providers and various third-party services

  • Monitor control and prevent risks

  • Work closely with IT security to monitor integrity and develop incident management processes

We start from your core business and the entire company’s overall needs

Decisions about how a product or service should be developed or changed often involve the entire company. Understanding how this adjustment will be carried out is an extensive task.

  • To succeed, an understanding is needed of the factors and connections that explain how a product or service should be built up and in what way different techniques or working methods can help the organization move forward in its development.

  • Together, we identify opportunities for simplifications, improvements and ways forward to create high-performance products, infrastructure and IT environments that take your business to the next level.

Softhouse developer

Analysis and advice is a key factor for a quick introduction to the cloud

We help you to shed light on your business and identify what action options you have for the technical development of your business.

This is done through analysis of current infrastructure, IT environment and working methods as well as how they can be strengthened and developed. We look at the limitations and opportunities that the current infrastructure has, and how it matches the service offering, customer needs or ambition for business development.

Softhouse Cloud Architects provides advice to accelerate the construction, delivery and adoption of cloud solutions that help our customers and partners achieve their strategic goals. Some of the services our architects and technicians can help you with are

  • – Analysis and optimization of technology and business processes
    – Design, planning and delivery of architecture for cloud solutions
    – Solutions for hybrid and multi cloud
    – Implementation of container technologies and orchestration
    – Infrastructure management and IT delivery in the cloud
  • Through review and analysis of your technical platform, we help you get answers on how you stand against competitors and the market you operate in, but also how competitors affect your business. These insights are valuable in helping you develop your business and highlight what you need to do to ensure that the company meets business goals.

DevOps and Big Data

Catalyze innovation with our AI & Machine Learning offerings. From advanced algorithm development to data-driven insights, we provide comprehensive solutions to transform your business using cutting-edge AI technologies


Our developers help you with services for software development in the cloud:

  • Software development in C #, Java, Python and more with CSP as platform
  • Application design and development with microservices
  • Optimization and continuous improvement
  • Solve complex issues in your technical platform or implementation

Big Data Engineering

Additional areas included in our offer are big data with services such as data engineering and data science. Our employees in this segment help your business to take advantage of business data and develop solutions for pipeline management and support processes with analysis and reporting. We can help you with that

Build ELT pipelines in the cloud to be able to integrate existing data sources with third parties

Manage large-scale solutions for Datawarehouse and utilize advanced data and analysis techniques to optimize flows, data quality and flexibility

Collaborate and coordinate with different units to design and secure data flows across organizational boundaries

Tell us about your project

Our ways of working

We always work with agile methods that promote flexibility and collaboration throughout the entire development process. Our agile methodology ensures rapid adaptation to changing project needs and results in efficient and customer-centric solutions.

Regardless of what and which project we take on, you can count on us to always do our best and make sure to provide you with a solution that is as good as possible for your specific needs.

We explore key areas including requirements gathering, architecture and integrations, creating app mock-ups, project planning and team building, risk identification, operational environment assessment, online impact management, support and maintenance, and budget planning. This phase is crucial to define and understand all aspects of the project before implementation begins.

Our main deliverables are the execution of the project according to the defined project plan, which includes creating documentation, developing an acceptance plan and conducting continuous project monitoring

The acceptance stage includes testing and validation, including training, a system administration guide, a migration plan and a go-live plan, along with preparations for the operational environment.

Now the deliverables are important and that includes monitoring and managing technical support, planning support and maintenance, handing over projects and conducting project reviews. This step aims to ensure a smooth transition and a high level of quality and support in the new operating environment after the completion of the project.

After that, we have ongoing work with, for example, support agreements in place that contain an SLA (Service Level Agreement). In addition, the establishment of routines and processes is required for smooth operation and management of any problems. Finally, thorough reporting ensures that all parties are aware of performance and potential areas for improvement.

Solving the industries biggest problems

We thrive on tackling complex problems in the code and development sphere, delivering tailored solutions that not only address immediate needs but also future-proof your digital assets, empowering your business to stay ahead of the competition.