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App development made easy

  • We develop apps for iOS (iPhone / iPad) and Android phones and devices and we use the entire mobile functionality and coordinate all functions to build as good and as attractive app as possible.

  • Everything from connecting GPS coordinates, cameras, sensors and movement patterns that give the mobile user a greater value.

We are experts in mobile app development

We develop interactive, data-driven apps for both mobile and web. We have delivered digital projects, expert knowledge, application operations and support to both small and industry-leading companies for over twenty years.

We develop high quality apps

We always use the latest frameworks in app development and make sure to refine your idea into a finished app. We often develop using the JavaScript framework React Native which makes it possible to use the same code base across several types of platforms. For you as a customer this means not only that the project will have a shorter development time but also that it will be significantly cheaper.

  • Customized Solutions: We craft mobile apps tailored to your unique business needs, ensuring they stand out in a crowded marketplace.
  • User-Centric Design: Our apps prioritize user experience and interface design, resulting in intuitive, engaging, and user-friendly mobile experiences.
  • Cross-Platform Expertise: We excel in developing apps for both iOS and Android platforms, maximizing your reach and user base.
  • Agile Development: With a focus on iterative development and continuous improvement, we deliver high-quality apps on time and within budget, adapting to evolving requirements.

What is an app?

Many large companies offer their services primarily through a mobile app.

A mobile app can make it easier for a company to integrate and communicate with its customers. It can also create new business opportunities through new uses and behaviors that an app brings. An app can be anything from a game, a ticket machine, a guide to something or a music player. The advantage is that the app is often a simple and concrete tool for the customer to be able to use the company’s service directly in their pocket.

Why develop an app instead of a website?

A mobile app is more digital and interactive than a website. In one app, we can program the entire device’s various functions such as cameras, microphones to record movies and audio.

We can track the environment of the app through, for example, an AR function and count steps or play a game. We can use the GPS functionality to find positions and create and identify places of interest in the immediate area where the app is used. We can easily help you with app development as we have a long experience of working with and developing apps.

A modern smartphone has an advanced piece of sensors and input tools, connected to a computer that is hundreds of times more powerful than an average home PC from the nineties, which means that it creates a lot of new opportunities to expand your business and get closer to the customer.

Q&A / App Development

Native app, web app, hybrid app or responsive website? There are several different types of apps that you can build. The type of app you develop affects, for example, the functionality and what the development then costs. You also need to think about what you want the app to be able to do and what its purpose is. There are several different versions to consider.

Native App

A native app is tailored specifically for the phone’s mobile operating system. The advantages of this are that it can be more secure, or at least appear safer for the user, because the app is downloaded in an app store. The functionality is mostly much better and that is because a native app gives access to the phone’s built-in functions and components directly. Exactly which functions are also available for web applications changes over time, however, as more functions are added to the phone.

Web app / progressive web apps

A web app is a downloadable website that works and looks like an app. A responsive app is downloaded to your home screen and can thus be used offline, unlike a responsive website that needs connection. Another advantage is that web apps work in all operating systems, which makes them cheaper to develop.

Responsive website

A responsive website is a website that adapts the layout depending on the screen size and screen resolution. Here, it is important that the site is mobile-friendly because the use of visitors from mobile phones is continuously increasing. Instead of making several different versions of a website for different screen sizes, today you usually create completely responsive websites. Responsive websites, just like web apps, lack certain functionality and require connection, but they can be accessed directly via the browser, which is a great advantage in some cases. because the user simply does not always want to download an app.

Hybrid app

A hybrid app is a web app that is packaged and distributed as a native app. It is thus downloaded via an app store (Apple App Store or Google Play for example) and therefore has access to the respective platforms’ APIs. Some functionality may be lacking compared to a native app and performance is also negatively affected, which makes hybrid apps unsuitable in some cases . We most often use React Native, which is one of the most common techniques for creating hybrid apps.

Mobile application development

Native app, web app, hybrid app or responsive website? There are several different types of apps that you can build. The type of app you develop affects, for example, the functionality and what the development then costs. You also need to think about what you want the app to be able to do and what its purpose is. There are several different versions to consider.

iOS application development

We help you with complete and customer-oriented mobile app development for iPhone and iPad. We turn our customers’ ideas and thoughts into reality directly in an iOS device. No matter what business niche or industry you are in we are ready to help you develop a mobile app and offer you first-class application development from a polished team of app developers.

Android application development

Our mobile app development team at Softhouse has no problem handling challenges on quality testing during development and we develop applications that are reliable, high quality and efficient.

Cross-platform mobile development

Platform-independent mobile applications work equally well on devices running on different operating systems and this makes it possible to avoid the need to develop a separate application for each platform. It reduces the cost of development and saves a lot of development time. Platform-independent mobile applications are usually easier and cheaper to maintain because a certain part of the code is reused through the application. It is often the best solution for reducing development costs and it is effective when looking for a fast product launch in the market. It is also especially beneficial when more than two platforms need to be supported.

We often develop these apps using the React Native JavaScript framework, which makes it possible for us to use the same code base across several types of platforms. For you as a customer, this means not only that the project will have a shorter development time, but also that it will be significantly cheaper to produce.

React Native

React Native is an open source framework maintained by Facebook and is currently one of the most popular frameworks for app development on the market. Creating a React Native app is very similar to creating a website and the framework is closely related to the React.JS library used for web development.

React Native has a more direct and robust connection to the platform’s hardware, which means that the app flows better and can respond more quickly to the user’s input than completely web-based solutions do.

Custom solutions

Each project is completely unique to us and we always develop the solutions that help our customers achieve their goals. Therefore, we always talk to each other before a project and make sure that we both have a clear and distinct goal picture of how we can build the absolute best app for your business. During the project we look at:

The whole project scope

  • During the development period, we keep you updated with the workflow and provide technical support for the application throughout its life cycle.


  • Transparency is one of the most important principles in our work. We value our customers’ trust and focus on our long-term cooperation and therefore value that we are as transparent as we can during our work.

Performance-oriented services

  • Our customers’ needs are our priority. That is why we strive to provide our customers with code that has been developed with quality and safety in focus.
Tell us about your project

Our ways of working

We always work with agile methods that promote flexibility and collaboration throughout the entire development process. Our agile methodology ensures rapid adaptation to changing project needs and results in efficient and customer-centric solutions.

Regardless of what and which project we take on, you can count on us to always do our best and make sure to provide you with a solution that is as good as possible for your specific needs.

We explore key areas including requirements gathering, architecture and integrations, creating app mock-ups, project planning and team building, risk identification, operational environment assessment, online impact management, support and maintenance, and budget planning. This phase is crucial to define and understand all aspects of the project before implementation begins.

Our main deliverables are the execution of the project according to the defined project plan, which includes creating documentation, developing an acceptance plan and conducting continuous project monitoring

The acceptance stage includes testing and validation, including training, a system administration guide, a migration plan and a go-live plan, along with preparations for the operational environment.

Now the deliverables are important and that includes monitoring and managing technical support, planning support and maintenance, handing over projects and conducting project reviews. This step aims to ensure a smooth transition and a high level of quality and support in the new operating environment after the completion of the project.

After that, we have ongoing work with, for example, support agreements in place that contain an SLA (Service Level Agreement). In addition, the establishment of routines and processes is required for smooth operation and management of any problems. Finally, thorough reporting ensures that all parties are aware of performance and potential areas for improvement.

Solving the industries biggest problems

We thrive on tackling complex problems in the code and development sphere, delivering tailored solutions that not only address immediate needs but also future-proof your digital assets, empowering your business to stay ahead of the competition.