Experience cost-effective excellence in our Bosnian office. Maximise value without compromising on quality.

With close to ten years of remote delivery experience, our specialty are high performance teams that deliver recognizable value from day one. Our nearshore and hybrid office located in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, with all the Swedish ways of working’, is a great choice if you are looking for a cost effective solution.

We can work on any type of project but we prefer the long term, relationship based collaboration.

We code the future, together with 300 colleagues

01. Extensive remote devlivery experience

Together with a lot of Swedish customers and with almost a decade-long history, we’ve fine-tuned our remote delivery capabilities, ensuring smooth collaboration and outstanding outcomes, regardless of geographical barriers.

02. End-to-end product development expertise

From idea to deployment, we have the skills to guide your product’s journey from conception to a live, market-ready solution, ensuring an efficient and streamlined development process..

03. Business development

Understanding your company’s distinctive challenges and goals, we aim to deliver comprehensive solutions encompassing consulting, business process optimization, technological innovation, and long-term strategic planning.

All starts with people

Consultants Who Drive Excellence
Carefully chosen for their demanding approach and proactive nature, our consultants provide valuable insights that enhance your product’s quality and market appeal.

Well-Defined Ways of Working (WoW)
Our well-established “Way of Working” includes clearly defined processes, communication channels, and delivery methods, ensuring efficiency, transparency, and high-quality outcomes in our collaborations.

Access to Expertise in Sweden
You are able to mix your team as you like and you have seamless access to a talent pool of over 300 experts based in Sweden, granting you direct accessibility to a hub of proficiency and innovation.


Optimized Resource Allocation
Efficiently allocate resources based on project requirements and skill sets, ensuring the right expertise is utilized for each task, optimizing cost-efficiency.

Effective Teams and Streamlined Processes
Our teams are skilled in effectiveness and streamlined processes, ensuring quicker project delivery and cost-efficiency by minimizing time wastage and operational redundancies.

Competitive Pricing Strategy
We offer competitive prices for software development services, incorporating flexible pricing models to accommodate various project needs, ensuring you receive exceptional value for your investment.

Legal and contractual matters

All contracts with the customers are held by Softhouse in Sweden and are based on General Terms and Conditions of IT Services version 2014 (IT & Telecom Companies Almega). All the financial transactions to and from the customers are done in SEK by Softhouse in Sweden.


Access system based on the customer’s face recognition technology. IT platform development and integrations (S2, ID06, Arx, Telcred, RCO, SystemHouse Solutions, etc access management systems, locks etc). Improving fingerprint algorithms with AI/ML.

Started: January 2020

Roles: Scrum Master, Mobile-, front-, integration- and backend development, DevOps, Graphical Design

Responsibilities: Full delivery responsibility

Team size: 5 people


MERN, .NET, Android, iOS, Azure, ReactNative, AI/ML

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Solving the industries biggest problems

We thrive on tackling complex problems in the code and development sphere, delivering tailored solutions that not only address immediate needs but also future-proof your digital assets, empowering your business to stay ahead of the competition.