The Softhouse way

We are always ready for change – it is part of our DNA

We were one of the first to introduce agile methodology in Sweden. Which has meant that innovation and collaboration are at the heart of everything we do.

Through regular sprints and close collaboration between our teams, we take quick steps towards delivering quality and value directly to our customers.

Agile Methods

Scrum is an agile project methodology that uses short periods of work, called “sprints,” typically 2-4 weeks, to achieve specific goals. A Scrum team consisting of the product owner, scrum master and developers work together to deliver results at each sprint finish.

Regular meetings, such as daily stand-up meetings and sprint planning, promote collaboration and effective communication.

Scrum Metodik

Scrum is an agile project methodology with short work periods called “sprints” (usually 2-4 weeks) where a team consisting of product owners, scrum masters and developers collaborate to achieve specific goals.

Regular meetings such as daily stand-up meetings and sprint planning promote effective collaboration and communication.

A Place Where People Enjoy Working.

We believe that a joyful work environment is key to unlocking the full potential of our talented professionals. That’s why we’ve created a dynamic and supportive atmosphere where every individual’s contributions are valued, and each day feels like an opportunity to excel and have a fun day at work.