Technical Due Diligence

We help you produce a correct decision basis when you need a technical DD

We help you evaluate

Softhouse Technical Due Diligence Team performs evaluations of a company’s current state of digital IT structural capital in acquisition processes. We deliver a report covering risks and opportunities in several areas that you can use as a basis for acquisition decisions.

The report may cover the following areas:

  • Code quality
  • Maintenance
  • Operation
  • Ownership cost
  • Security
  • Risks & problems
  • Scalability
  • Architecture, Tools, and Framework
  • Complexity

Value-creating measures

In the next step, we develop a package of solutions and value-creating measures that often aim to increase capacity, accelerate scaling and create more cost-effective operation and development in line with the company’s overall strategy.

You get:

  • Technical Roadmap
  • Architecture and technology
  • Organization and working method
  • Information security
  • Change work

We offer expert services to lead one or more of the above areas.

We can also contribute directly with HPT (High-Performance Team), which executes and delivers the planned ideas and solutions.

Some of our customers

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