June is approaching, deadlines for degrees, final projects and essays are getting closer. For students who do not want to continue in the academic world are now getting closer to applying for their first jobs within IT. The questions that follows are many ”Do I know enough things”, ”What if I I can’t pass the work test”, ”what tools, frameworks and libraries are relevant to know”. During this afternoon and evening we will together discuss the future working methods and challenges for you who soon will start working within the IT industry.

Topics that we are going to discuss during the evening:

  • The first job in IT
  • What do I need to know after the studies?
  • Most important characteristics of new colleagues
  • Remote work
  • Frameworks, libraries, tools
  • Working in teams
  • Work samples, portfolios etc.
  • Best way to get in touch with companies or other developers
  • To work as a consultant or at a product company

A warm welcome regardless of whether you are a student who are curious to learn more from others within the industry or if you work in IT and want to share your knowledge and experiences. Hope to see you there!

The event will be in english

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Mattias Åhlander

Om föreläsaren

10 juni, 2020
16:00 - 19:30

The event will be held online via hangout!


Kungsgatan 1B