Are you passionate about Deployment in Production Environment and want to work for the Swedish market? 

Softhouse is looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer in Sarajevo 

Softhouse Consulting was one of the first companies to introduce agile methodology in Sweden and we signed our first Agile contract in 2002. Since then, we have supported some of the leading companies in Sweden in developing their software business. We have counselled and coached several agile transformations, trained several thousand Scrum Masters and published over 20 publications in lean and agile leadership. And we are growing. Read on to see if your profile matches our most recent opening in Sarajevo office.   

The position & the project:

The projects at Softhouse include the entire work chain: from customer contact, requirement handling, system design, programming, testing and deploying to customers. As a senior DevOps engineer, you are expected to take an active part in all of these steps, together with a scrum team you will be a part of. In our teams all team members are equal and appreciated for their contribution and knowledge. We pride ourselves for having highly efficient cross-functional teams in which, besides your direct assignments, you are expected to provide leadership to your team members and help them grow personally and professionally.

As we work mainly for the Swedish market and very often in teams with our Swedish colleagues, high level of openness, honesty and communication is expected. 

We are now opening an interesting and dynamic position on a project focused on digital identification and knowledge system for CNC tools geared towards helping manufacturers improve traceability, organisation and collaboration. Together with an experienced team of colleagues, you will be working on improving this tool ecosystem to empower crib operators and manufacturing directors with insight into every aspect of their operations.  

Your profile:

If high quality of delivery is important to you; if you are open-minded and driven by personal responsibility; if you understand the business importance of good quality client relations; if you like growing and sharing your knowledge in a diverse team; if you are easy to work with and see yourself as a team player; if you actively seek to learn and adapt new technologies check if you fulfil the following technical criteria for the position and get in touch with us: 

Extensive experience in:

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Python 3
  • Django REST framework
  • SQL
  • Design of extendable systems, that are consumed by multiple external services and global user base.
  • System optimisation.

It would be great if you have:

  • Knowledge of Microsoft technologies and ecosystem.
  • Experience with developing software for IoT

What we bring to the table:

  • A team-player workspace where you are part of an internal community of 200 smart colleagues in Sweden and Sarajevo that work together for personal growth.
  • A creative and learning environment; Softhouse believes in knowledge sharing and employees are encouraged to be members of different learning communities.
  • Education activities such as seminars and courses (, Lean and Agile content (, and open forums like Leaders Tribe ( and meetups.
  • A variety of tasks and platforms on different scales, from individual mobile apps to integrated platforms with multiple interfaces, web portals, and, cloud solutions.
  • Having fun is key. We always strive for openness and encourage each other to try new things with a do-learn-adapt approach and therefore arrange joint conference trips and team building events where we can give feedback and learn from each other.

About Softhouse 

Softhouse Balkans is a part of Softhouse Consulting Sweden – one of the leading Lean and Agile companies in Scandinavia. We offer reliable and innovative software solutions to international clients, as well as services within business development and Lean and Agile training. Having recognized the great potential of young IT professionals in Bosnia-Herzegovina, three years ago we chose to expand our business in the region. Mixing the best of Sweden and the Balkans, we deliver high-quality services to our customers. Our employees are our greatest asset, and our culture is characterized by a strong team spirit where every individual has a vital role in the prosperity of our company. 

Softhouse was founded in 1996 and employs nearly 200 employees in seven different cities in Sweden and Sarajevo in Bosnia & Hercegovina. The company is a partner in a handful of exciting product and service companies – all with software as a supportive part of the business. Softhouse has shown growth and profitability over 20 years in a row. 


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The vacancie is in Sarajevo Bosnia.