Softhouse weekly #1

Yesterday we got to meet a new colleague in Växjö, Johan Lindblom, who came in and introduced himself to the team. After many years as a happy customer, with no less than three different companies, Johan is finally taking the step to join the Softhouse team and will be shouldering the role of CEO of Softhouse Småland in April.

Johan is a well-known and respected profile in Växjö and Karlskrona after fifteen years at companies like Ericsson, IST, and GTECH, and even studied under our legendary developer Peppe at BTH many years ago. Outside of his professional engagements, Johan coaches the ice hockey team Växjö Lakers. We are very excited to have Johan join the Softhouse family, and you will have an opportunity to meet him on the Softhouse Day.

Henric Westergren is staying with Softhouse, taking on a bigger role in our sales organization until he moves to Softhouse Invest in May, and we look forward to seeing how he will grow our brand and presence within the thriving Swedish startup community.

As we gear up for Softhouse Day we’ll be putting a lot of work into our communication and messaging, both internally and externally. You’ll be hearing from me every week, but we’re also releasing a series of articles highlighting a selection of the coolest projects we’ve contributed to over the last decade. You may already have seen the article we just released on Fleetmonitor, a long-time client of the Karlskrona office, that is providing a valuable service to logistics companies, resulting in dramatically improved efficiency and reduced carbon emissions.

One of the things that I really want to bring into focus with these articles is how our company culture provides value to ourselves, our clients, and community as a whole. One of the principles that have been guiding me, Softhouse makes you grow, is a commitment to make sure that our work results in growth for our colleagues, growth for our clients, and positive impact on the communities we serve.

We are much more than your traditional consulting company – our value proposition, our product, is our company culture: We bring the right expertise and attitude to each project. We recruit and foster great engineers and coaches, to help our clients solve their most challenging problems, and in turn, make measurable improvements to communities all over the world.


For more information contact: 
Bengt Gustavsson, CEO Softhouse Consulting Sverige AB, at 076-883 24 69 or send an e-mail.