Softhouse weekly #2

Softhouse makes you grow

One of the greatest benefits of working with the extraordinarily talented team at Softhouse is seeing just how much can be achieved when talent is applied with a purpose. By the very nature of our business, we routinely find ourselves tackling the most challenging problems for some of the most inspirational and impactful clients in the world. Whether we’re working with global titans or local businesses, Softhouse is a trusted expert and valued contributor because we reliably solve the toughest problems.

To bring up just one example from over the years, we have had the privilege of boosting the economy of several developing countries by providing mobile commerce infrastructure together with a major international telecommunications company, changing the lives of hundreds of millions of people for the better. We are lucky to have the opportunity to build technology that can touch and improve lives, and the effortlessness of using what we’ve built is the ultimate testament to our expertise and the hard work and long hours we’ve put in.

We brought in the right attitude, not just the right competence

We delivered an entire team to the client, quickly integrated ourselves into their large and demanding environment, and delivered value straight away, by providing both the right competence and the right attitude. Our team made it a priority to produce clean code and to make time for regular code reviews – something that is extremely important in a large development environment, but can easily become one of the things sacrificed when time becomes limited. We know that sacrificing code quality and code review is not a sustainable way to reach your milestones and that an insistence on the right methodology will keep the project on track for the long haul. We lead by example, and our methodology has spread organically to other teams in the client’s organization. That we brought in the right attitude, not just the right competence, has had a clear and positive influence on their organization.

Our product is our company culture

That is, in essence, our value proposition. Our product is our company culture. The way we cultivate the right competence and the right attitude makes us a valuable partner to our clients, a force for good in our community, and a great place for us to work and grow.

“Softhouse makes you grow” is not just a slogan, but a mission statement that will continue to guide us as we expand. It means we take an active role in making sure that the communities we serve grow, that the clients that trust us grow, and that we help each other develop skills and attitudes that will help us grow as individuals and professionals. I learn from my colleagues at Softhouse every day and take great pride in seeing how our clients, and the communities we help, change for the better with every lovingly crafted line of code we deliver.

These projects have a real impact on communities around the world, help our clients excel in their fields, and countless colleagues at Softhouse have become recognized experts and leaders in their field. Through our hard work and enthusiasm, Softhouse has become an engine for growth that will hopefully continue to drive positive change long after you’ve left for your next great mission, and I hope that our culture will inspire more companies to follow suit.

Thank you to all my colleagues at Softhouse, for being ambassadors for positive change, and for the craftsmanship you have brought to these projects. The world is better because of it.

For more information contact: 
Bengt Gustavsson, CEO Softhouse Consulting Sverige AB, at 076-883 24 69 or send an e-mail.