Softhouse Weekly #7

Tomorrow we gather our team members from all over the world to exchange ideas, learn from each other, highlight our accomplishments, and remind ourselves of the importance of our mission. When preparing to address such an esteemed gathering of talented colleagues, it is easy to see that we have a responsibility to make the most out of all these minds working together.

Together, we’ve committed to the idea of value delivered, continuously, and to me, this is much more than just a slogan for our brochures.

What do we mean when we say Value delivered, continuously?

Our product is our company culture, the engine for growth that we have built together. What we deliver to the client is the competence and the attitude that we cultivate. Softhouse makes you grow is the guiding principle of that culture – the idea that we continuously invest in improving that competence and attitude.

We have built a team of two hundred highly skilled, valuable and talented colleagues, and we have a responsibility, and the privilege, of applying that talent with a purpose.

Softhouse makes you grow is our commitment to you, our colleagues, to make sure that you have a meaningful career here, where you continue to develop the competence and attitude that has made us a trusted partner to our client. It is a commitment to our clients to deliver that value, continuously, to help them navigate complexity and create great products together so that they can grow.

It is a commitment to the communities we serve, to apply our talent with a purpose, to educate and to lead by example.

Our product is our company culture, and that is the value that we deliver, continuously.

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow and hearing the stories of growth that’ll share.


For more information contact: 
Bengt Gustavsson, CEO Softhouse Consulting Sverige AB, at 076-883 24 69 or send an e-mail.