Softhouse Weekly #9

Hello everyone!

This week Softhouse was part of an exhibition at Innovation Day 18 in Karlskrona, an event sponsored and arranged by Blue Science Park, Blekinge Technical College (BTH) and several key industry players. The purpose of the event is to showcase the very latest in IT, telecommunications, health tech and marine technology, and we saw several brilliant examples of Swedish innovation.

Most of exciting of all, to an admittedly biased observer, was that our friends at Yellowfish won the Propeller Prize for innovation for their inspired Fleetmonitor product. We have worked with Yellowfish on Fleetmonitor for a decade, so we’re very happy and proud to see them get recognized for their great product, perseverance and vision. Thanks to their great initiative, one of Yellowfish’s clients managed to reduce the amount of empty containers being shipped between locations by 80 percent! Projects like this help make society run smoother, cleaner and faster, and we couldn’t be happier to have been part of this journey.

Congratulations, Yellowfish, and thank you for a meaningful decade of inspired building!

Worthy of mention is that Yellowfish is the second company that have partnered with Softhouse in Karlskrona to receive this prize! Back in 2015, Adacta won The Propeller Prize for their clever HR software solutions.

Events like Innovation Day 18 are a reminder of just how many valuable ideas there are out there, and the difference a dedicated and passionate team can make. Good software changes the world for the better.

Bengt Gustavsson, CEO Softhouse Consulting Sverige AB, at 076-883 24 60 or send an e-mail.