We can security analysis, penetration testing, two-factor authentication, secure code and architecture

Today’s digital society places great demands on efficient and well-functioning security solutions. Each company has unique conditions and needs, so it is important to know which solutions that suit your company best and do the most good. We can help you with security analysis, penetration testing, two-factor authentication, secure code and architecture. In addition, we offer training and lectures.

Our security experts are continuously trained to keep up with developments in architecture, design, systems and the latest threat. Through a combination of analysis, practical efforts and training, we help you and you companies to build better conditions and manage the demands that digitalization places on security.

We can help you with;

  • Analysis of your security, at organization and project level
  • Security architecture and design
  • Advice and support in security issues
  • Threat analysis and risk management
  • Penetration testing, preparation and execution
  • Education, from management to developers and testers

So you can fix before an incident

Security analysis

Our security analysis is done from different perspectives in your company. We have interviews with key people, review the requirements of software and go through existing systems to find deficiencies and any vulnerabilities that you can fix before an incident occurs.

Security deficiencies can manifest themselves in different ways in an organization. Small errors and shortcomings may seem insignificant at first, but in combination with each other can create serious safety gaps. It is precisely these correlations that a knowledgeable security expert can see the connection between, analyze and create direct measures for. If you want, you can also review potential risks and problems with the help of a threat analysis before the start of implementation.

After the analysis, we will contact you and come up with concrete proposals for measures to act upon. Our safety analysis is an easy way to form an idea of the status of the safety work.

security from the ground up

Secure design, architecture and code

By having safety considerations in mind right from the start of a project, you can eliminate most risks even before you start designing the product or service. When you do, you can build in protection against known attack vectors and not build in worse, and more expensive, solutions afterwards.

We have really awesome security architects with broad experience in building large and small systems. They can help you build security right from the start, but they can also help you come up with the best solution for an already existing system as they make sure that the gunpowder is placed where it provides the most benefit.

Support on the road

Counseling, support and education

We know security and therefore we are happy to be part of an advisory role or as a sounding board when you implement security work in your company.

We can help you with different phases of a project and we have a great way of being involved and helping when it e.g. applies to requirements, architecture or code. If you want a little deeper support and help, we also offer training for both management and staff and more pointed training directly to developers or testers. All so that the safety thinking will form the basis for your continued work going forward. If you are curious to know more, please feel free to contact us for further information.

Identify security flaws

Penetration test

By doing a penetration test, you can identify security flaws in a system or environment. Then a specialist examines a product or system to identify vulnerabilities and misconfiguration so they can be fixed before any outsider discovers and exploits them. You can also stimulate attacks, which gives a realistic idea of the existing risks that you may be exposed to.

This means a more complete and reliable result compared to a simpler vulnerability analysis. Penetration tests can be performed in different ways, e.g. regular and recurring checks of an organization’s exposure to the Internet. Our awesome experts can help you all the way, from planning, through performing penetration testing, to implementing security measures where problems have already been identified.

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