We develop digital business for the future society

Softhouse was founded in Malmö in 1996 and has grown steadily as a software development consultancy company since then. Today we are approximately 300 employees in ten different offices. You will find us in Luleå, Uppsala, Stockholm, Jönköping, Växjö, Karlskrona, Karlshamn, Kalmar, Malmö, Lund and Sarajevo. We are a IT consultancy company with excellent team members that tackle any software challenge there is.

In the industry we have become known as one of the leading companies in Scandinavia in terms of Lean and Agile software development. In addition to our Agile base, we all have a strong common interest – to develop digital business. We do this by ensuring that we deliver value frequently and continuously through Agile working methods.

Here, at Softhouse, we are a bunch of team players who make sure to always share our knowledge; to colleagues who need help, customers who need expertise or listeners who want to learn something new.

Sharing our experiences is something we have been doing since we started in 1996 and done every day since then. We work with many different companies and industries and are reliable and humble in all our tasks and assignments. We make sure to pick the best employees and we are proud of our competent and talented employees.

We only recruit the very best

We work with many different companies and industries and are reliable and humble in all our assignments. We work with all types of customers from the large worldwide company with large complex systems and integration solutions to the small premises with slightly smaller software needs. We are careful to hand-pick the very best employees and we are proud of our competent and talented team that we continuously challenge and develop.

To further spread our knowledge, we also have an investment business through our company Softhouse Invest, which invests in software-heavy companies that need expert competence, control and software knowledge. We help the entrepreneur to grow in his role, develop his company and create sustainable and long-term ideas that deliver in the market.

We help you build, develop and deliver digital products, software and services


Together we are the strongest and it is a central part of our corporate culture. We are at our best when we work together; with our customers, colleagues and towards common goals. In addition, we share what we can; we are a team.


We take simplicity with us in everything we do. We always strive to create simple and effective solutions for our customers. We advocate a straightforward and open dialogue and our flat organization will facilitate how we interact both externally and internally.


We try to be brave and dare to take risks and use courage when the situation demands it. It is by challenging ourselves and others that we grow and develop.


Commitment and passion are contagious and make our work and our workplace more fun. Having a passion for our profession also means that we often do the little extra for each other and our customers

Our history

We have just begun

Since 1996, we have focused on developing digital business through Agile working methods and helped companies through our it consultancy services. The fact that we have also had the opportunity to work together with some of Sweden’s leading companies, that is, our customers, and gained the confidence to be part of your business is an amazing journey that we are happy to continue.

We have advised and coached in numerous Agile transformations, trained thousands of Scrum Masters and published numerous publications in Lean and Agile leadership. In addition, we are good software developers and excellent coders. Really good in fact. We are incredibly proud of our high quality and precision in what we do.

  • 1996The company Erebus is founded in Malmö and the name Softhouse is introduced four years later.
  • 2002We signed our first Agile contract. This is a natural consequence of being one of the first companies in Sweden to introduce us into the Agile world.
  • 2003We grew bigger and established an office in Karlskrona.
  • 2007During 2007 we expanded our business to Stockholm, the captial of sweden.
  • 2011We are named "Fast growing Company" by Veckans Affärer. Eight years earlier Dagens Industri had given us the award of becoming a "Gasellföretag".
  • 2013Softhouse Småland was created and we opened an office in Växjö in the middle of Småland.
  • 2014One of our collegues, originally from Sarajevo wanted to give back to Bosnia and asked to set up a new office. In 2014 our first abroad office was founded in Sarajevo.
  • 2016Softhouse Invest AB was founded.
  • 2019The South east office expanded to Karlshamn since we had some colleagues already living there.
  • 2019Softhouse Småland grew even bigger and we expanded to Jönköping.
  • 2021Softhouse celebrates 25 years in business
  • 2022Softhouse headquarter expanded and opened a new office in Lund.


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