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In recent years, numerous revolutionary AI technologies have emerged, and it’s evident that AI will create abundant opportunities and contribute to solving various challenges. But how can your company make the most of AI?

We assist you in getting started or advancing further on your AI journey. By leveraging pre-built tools through cloud APIs or open-source solutions, we can achieve rapid results. Of course, we also ensure that your data is handled in compliance with required privacy standards.

We offer:

  • Applied AI Solutions: We combine appropriate components, building upon the latest technologies such as ChatGPT, LangChain, Whisper, and more.
  • Machine Learning Expertise for Teams: Our experts are proficient in managing machine learning processes all the way from data to the final product. AI/ML
  • Proof of Value: Through a time-limited innovation project, we showcase the value your data can create in collaboration with AI/ML. AI
  • Exploration Workshops: We educate and assist you in identifying the possibilities and limitations of implementing AI within your operations.

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Our areas of expertise:

  • Language Processing
  • Image Analysis / Computer Vision
  • Deep Learning
  • Generative AI
  • Reinforcement Learning

Often, the user experience plays a pivotal role in effectively and securely implementing AI. That’s why we highly value our close collaboration with design/UI/UX expertise.

Softhouse is a part of precise Biometrics deep learning team 

Innovation projects involving AI for subject classification in podcasts

How can one further build upon ChatGPT technology?

The Softhouse Way with AI/ML

Many factors play a role when determining whether a Machine Learning project is feasible or not. Softhouse can help you with assessing feasibility and building prototypes, and from our experience, this step is more important than in most other undertakings within IT. If you have a large data set but don’t know how you could use Machine Learning, we can use our “Machine Learning eyes” to look for how we can extract value from the data for you. 

We are passionate about using tools and frameworks with proven track records. We achieve results faster with less bugs and money spent. Equally important is our deep understanding and history of agile ways of working. It is especially beneficial with an iterative approach when applying new technologies such as AI and Machine Learning.

It is a common belief that machine learning and data science do not fit well in agile methodology. Nothing could be more wrong! Creating an MVP and iterating is key to successful Machine Learning projects. In many cases the Machine Learning product itself can be used in the iteration. Also, bi-weekly sprint demos with communication of results are important to align priorities and understanding progress. At Softhouse we have agile thinking in our DNA.

Our Areas of Expertise

Deep Learning

We have many years of experience with Deep Learning, supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning, and Data Science.

Image Analysis

Within Image Analysis and Computer Vision, deep learning opens up a multitude of possibilities. Image classification, object detection and semantic segmentation are powering many recent features all the way from your smartphone to your car.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection can be done in time series, in images or in tabular data. Finding data points that stand out is crucial for automated monitoring and to transition to Industry 4.0.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing has seen huge performance boosts by deep learning. Some applications are text classification, sentiment analysis and speech recognition.

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