Trainings and courses tailored to your company need

We tailor trainings and course to your company’s needs and desires

A tailored course for your team or company

In addition to the trainings and courses you find in our open range, we also have a variety of other company trainings and courses that we can also tailor to your company’s needs and desires. During a company course we can use your problems as exercise example. If you also want to get away from the daily work, and get full focus on the course, we would love to keep it in one of our offices. All of our company courses blend theory with practical exercises, examples from reality and discussions.


Develop secure agile software

Do you know what it takes to make your software secure? How do you incorporate a safety mindset into a fast and easy development, where time-to-market is a relevant factor? The course provides you with handy tips and skills so that you understand the security required by your software as well as how you do the security work efficiently and at the same time increase the quality of the product.

Test with Python

Are you frustrated by the tedious and manual work that constitutes the daily test work and would rather have your computer to do the repetitive test work? This course teaches you to use Python in an easy and efficient way to automate testing.

Agila teams

Build effective teams

Do you work in or with a team and feel that you want to perform even better? Do you experience challenges in communication between team members, have unclear roles and difficult to meet deadlines or quality requirements? Do you want to become a team that helps each other, has effective meetings and has an inclusive, supportive and positive culture? During the course you will learn in an experience-based way exactly how to build effective teams.

Professional Scrum

Are you interested in and  want to educate your colleagues in Scrum? Then we recommend that you, as a group, go together and at the same time in order for you to discuss how to work Agile. After the course, those who want to go ahead and get certified as Scrum Masters via

The course can also be adapted with focus on the Agile team, the role of Scrum Master or the role of product owner.

Mastering Kanban

Do you lead a team or project and are tired of not having control over what is happening, but at the same time do not want to control everything in detail? Or do you feel that more people need to be involved in taking responsibility and being coached to complete work already started? During the course you will learn how to use Kanban to visualize, control and streamline a workflow, no matter what you work with.

Agile requirements management

How do you learn what the market and user expect, and communicate the needs of the business so that the developers understand and create the right solutions? Studies show that up to 40% of developed features are rarely or never used. Just as we must have good quality in development (doing things right), we must at the same time learn to do the right things. During the course you will learn simple methods that help to do the right things and reach the market faster.


Continuous organizational improvement

Can you be better at taking care of and implementing the ideas for improvement that comes from your Agile teams? Do you feel the improvements you are facing are insurmountable? The course gives you tools for how to follow up organizationally and see how changes are made and how to run workshops to support the organization in its analysis, prioritization, idea generation and implementation of improvement.

Build a value-creating organization

In a world where the pressure from fast-growing markets is increasing and more and more complex customer needs are to be met, the managerial role changes from managing people and products to managing the organisation’s ability to deliver. The course gives you a framework, Adaptive Management, with a focus on what strategy your organization uses to win and how you design your organization to fit the strategy and create value. The framework is based on five main principles for designing an adaptive organization: growth, learning, collaboration, creativity and responsiveness.

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