Simple full commitments and a dedicated team with our function factory

We take full responsibility regardless of the size of the project strengthening your team with one man or full commitments and a dedicated team.

We strengthen your organization with software and technology expertise

The big advantage of hiring our function factory is full commitment and a dedicated team that always work very close to the customer and become an extended arm of your development organization.

We take full responsibility regardless of the size of the project. From strengthening your team with one man or more to larger commitments and dedicated teams. Our skilled experts are knowledgeable in various technology stacks and platforms.

In our function factory we provide full commitments and a dedicated team that are responsible for many customers at the same time. You as a customer get access to expertise that is fresh and we always make sure we have a dedicated expert on your product in the team. It is a flexible solution that enables both small investments for affordable spendings and the opportunity for larger projects that allow you to focus on your business and we take responsibility for your software development in full.

The function factory is grouped by functions and domains so that you as a customer get the best possible delivery by us. Our experts work with many different products and companies, which has given them a broad competence and together they can be involved in solving problems and challenges in an effective way by sharing competence across project boundaries.

We often work with cross-functional teams including architects, developers, testers, interaction designers, project managers and requirements. To save time and make it as smooth for you as possible, we try to automate the management of source code, construction and deployment. The development team takes care of the development, operation, support and maintenance of your product.

Overall commitments that create the opportunity to scale up quickly

We help you with overall commitments and ensure that you avoid hassle with several different suppliers and services and collect everything with us. You get a complete development organization where you are in focus.

The advantage of having your project in the function factory is that you have the opportunity to scale up your team and shift up capacity with short notice. During several projects, we have started with a proof of concept and gradually scaled up to take the next step in product development, increase the power of the product and the development forward.

When your product is used, we also have the opportunity to offer services regarding continued operation and maintenance of your product

Our services include:

  • Maintenance
  • Support
  • Further development maintenance of a system (even of the systems we have not been involved in and developed)

Do you want to test that your product keeps pace with the market?

Through our proven working and delivery methods, we can quickly produce an MVP of your idea so that you can enter the market as soon as possible. We develop a product hypothesis with minimal resources and overheads.

The function factory

Case and references

ST Progress

Optimization and digitalization of the specialization process for doctors and their mentors. Our team was engaged in the process from creating solution design to the technical development and now the team is handling the maintenance of the product

ST Progress is a way of digitalizing the assessment process for future doctor specialists

During  work-based learning, doctors have mentors who support the learning process for them to become specialist of their domain

In order to gather evidence of clinical competence and professional behavior observed in clinical environments, there are standardized forms for assessing clinical competence and doctors’ performance in their everyday practice.

The assessments are written on paper and with a larger number of them, it was a challenge to oversee feedback, information got dispersed and the tracking of progress was a challenge.

  • The client wanted to optimize and digitalize this process.
  • For this client we optimized the process by digitalizing it in a web and mobile solution.
  • We engaged  in the process from creating design of the solutions to the technical development and are now handling the maintenance of the product
  • We will also handle the 2.0 version development of the product

What I valued greatly was the team’s commitment to the task, their drive to lead the process from idea to the finished app and their curiosity to introduce you to the doctor’s everyday life when the app should be used. I was surprised at the team’s ability to so quickly understand the very purpose of the app, what it will accomplish and help the ST doctors in their development into ready-made specialists. – Gunnar Hernborg

Technology stack

Database: Mongo DB

Backend: Node JS

Frontend: React Native (mobile app) and React JS (web app)

We have teams with domain knowledge

Financial systems

We have teams that have worked in fintech and financial systems for a long time. We have good knowledge of the safety requirements it places on us as a supplier and our working methods.

Mobile ticketing

Mobile tickets are an area in which we have been operating for a long time. We can help you develop small and large solutions for building efficient and scalable ticket systems that are easy to access directly from your mobile.

Business Intelligence

We help you analyze and extract data from existing systems and present them in a good way.


We have a dedicated industrial team that is used to working in industry and complex and niche system solutions.

Internt of Things

We can help you connect products and services in a way that makes it easy for your products to talk to each other.

Mobile workforce

We can help you connect your employees digitally who are out in the field and working.

Dedicated teams

We can help you with dedicated and close-knit teams that are already fully functional and we will thus be the extended arm of your development department.

operation and support commitment

After you have launched your product, we can help you operate it and continue to work with support also in the future. You have a complete team that has worked with your product before.

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