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Our experienced team can help you develop your product with just enough features to satisfy early customers and provide feedback for future product development. Very fast delivery based on our Boilerplate framework (Which is a fast way for you to get the product ready to market fast) enabling you to test the product hypothesis with minimal resources and costs. 

We help you understand, develop and test your MVP. This is what you get working with us:

  • Development team as a Service
  • Use the team based on your needs. Ramp up and down quickly, get started fast and easy
  • With us, you don’t get just code, you get a development team that understands how code should serve your business. Focus on web technologies hosted on cloud with full development and continuous integration an delivery pipelines
  • Tech Stack: MERN / MEAN, React native

The startup Function Factory team delivered many successful projects during past years and these are some of them:

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ST Progress

Optimization and digitalization of the specialization process for doctors and their mentors. Our team was engaged in the process from creating solution design to the technical development and now the team is handling the maintenance of the product

ST Progress is a way of digitalizing the assessment process for future doctor specialists

During  work-based learning, doctors have mentors who support the learning process for them to become specialist of their domain

In order to gather evidence of clinical competence and professional behavior observed in clinical environments, there are standardized forms for assessing clinical competence and doctors’ performance in their everyday practice. 

The assessments are written on paper and with a larger number of them, it was a challenge to oversee feedback, information got dispersed and the tracking of progress was a challenge. 

  • The client wanted to optimize and digitalize this process.
  • For this client we optimized the process by digitalizing it in a web and mobile solution. 
  • We engaged  in the process from creating design of the solutions to the technical development and are now handling the maintenance of the product
  • We will also handle the 2.0 version development of the product

What I valued greatly was the team’s commitment to the task, their drive to lead the process from idea to the finished app and their curiosity to introduce you to the doctor’s everyday life when the app should be used. I was surprised at the team’s ability to so quickly understand the very purpose of the app, what it will accomplish and help the ST doctors in their development into ready-made specialists. – Gunnar Hernborg

Technology stack

Database: Mongo DB  

Backend: Node JS

Frontend: React Native (mobile app) and React JS (web app)

Images of the app developed by Softhouse for ST Progress

A Survey management tool

Prototype platform for a survey management tool that enables the creation of surveys, the collection of survey data and the processing of the collected data with the goal of creating a competitive data collection and survey processing system that enables the creation of reports, trend scans and statistical analyzes.


Full functional mobile application for Android that performs the service of scanning the patient for breast cancer using an external thermal camera and storing the image to a cloud storage as preparation for AI integration for image analysis

Thermoscan developed by Softhouse

Diagnose schools


A web application for gathering feedback from students to school administrators with the possibility to export the questionnaire results in excel format. The results are provided to the School Rector for conclusions and improvement suggestions



Diagnosis school developed by softhouse

Precision diet app

Web application supporting the specific and interactive “Precision Health” program where, based on diet- and health-related details, a daily diet regimen and appropriate periods are recommended

I was really happy and satisfied working with your team, especially appreciating you and your team’s quick response to various things we wanted to incorporate into the program as and when we found it. Besides I also liked the way clients like me could track the progress of the project on a daily basis, I thought it was wonderful – Vineesh Indira Chandran

Training board

“Activity Board” – A new patient rehabilitation aid launched for professional healthcare. Providing patients and staff with an immediate visualization of patient rehabilitation in a simple and easy to use application.

Right place

Web application used to help elderly people to make decisions on their living situations based on their inputs. They get  recommendations on what is best for them and they have learning sections for education. There is also an Act section where they can find several information to put their recommendation into action

Thank you so much for all the work you have put into this. It makes me so proud to see this final version. This is an idea I have been working on for four years and you made it a real-life product – Marianne Granbom

Service well

Interactive UX-prototype for web application that enables online booking of dentist appointments.

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