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by rebecka


2019-04-17 Växjö Softhouse. Foto: Jonas Ljungdahl

Malin Brannegård works with us as a front-end and full stack developer. After traveling the world, Malin decided to come home and study in the front end and got a job at Softhouse just before graduation.

Frontend and full-stack developers who work with what is visible

Malin works as a front-end developer and works to develop the “visible part” of different types of applications.
In short, I am the one who, for example, creates a button and programs what will happen if the user clicks on it.

– Right now I work as a full-time developer on assignment at Fortnox, says Malin.

– When you work as a developer, you work with both frontend and backend, so I have some control over backend development and databases as well, which is good.

From hotels in Australia to front-end studies in Swede

Malin says that she has had many different jobs before she decided to jump on education. Her career journey began as an hourly employee in geriatric care then she moved to Australia and started working as a hostess in a hotel. After showing her feet in the profession, she was promoted to “event coordinator” at Australia’s largest event hotel. But after a while, Malin decided to move back to Sweden and leave the hotel industry. Instead, she started studying front-end development and just before her graduation in 2019, she was employed at Softhouse.

– The most fun part of my job is problem solving. I think it’s fun when you get a sketch of a feature and get the opportunity to develop it, says Malin.

– The best thing about working at Softhouse is that there is a soft atmosphere in the workplace and our leaders care about the well-being of the staff. We get many good benefits and also the opportunity for competence development continuously.

Helps homeless cats

In her spare time, Malin prefers to spend time with her loved ones, work out in the gym and likes to travel abroad to a lovely beach when given the opportunity. Malin also likes to spend time rescuing homeless cats or riding.
– In addition, I have a secret talent which is that I mix incredibly good drinks that are usually very appreciated, says Malin

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