by ardiana spahija


by ardiana spahija


Softhouse, with approximately 300 software consultants, acquires the company Neava Technologies AB based in Luleå, Sweden. The acquisition means the establishment of Softhouse in the northern parts of Sweden and that all of Neava’s operations with software experts and the 3D-configurator Design Studio will be part of  Softhouse group.

Softhouse, founded in 1996, is an established company in software development and works with digitization in various industries and technologies. AI, mobile ticketing, energy, telecom, finance, furniture retail, as well as digitization of more traditional industries are areas Softhouse deliver expertise in. Softhouse has grown annually by approx. 20% in recent years and, with the acquisition, has offices in ten locations in Sweden and one in Bosnian Sarajevo.

We have known each other for a long time, and we have a deep respect for Neava’s technical competence, says Tord Olsson, founder and acting CEO of Softhouse. We have been interested in the north for a long time, where a lot is going on, not least in the green transition. With the acquisition of Neava, we can grow with quality in Luleå.

Softhouse and Neava have similar cultures and technology focus with good preconditions for strengthening each other. Neava, with its close collaboration with the Luleå University of Technology and Softhouse with a wide spread of customers in exciting technology domains.

Softhouse’s culture is very close to ours, but Softhouse has the advantages of a larger organization to share knowledge and develop skills in an including environment, says Johan Hedlund, CEO at Neava Technologies AB. With Softhouse also comes the opportunity to deliver to a more extensive and interesting national customer base, so this will be good from many perspectives for Neava, Johan continues.

The acquisition means that Softhouse also takes over Neava’s 3D-configurator Arvue Design Studio, which provides a photo-realistic experience of homes in 360ᣞ. With the software, a home buyer can plan, e.g., kitchen, facade color, etc., in real time. In the add-on module yARd, the home builders can experience their future home in the right environment.

Arvue Design Studio will have new opportunities through the merger with Softhouse. Within its consultancy activities, Softhouse has both an accelerator activity for software-intensive product companies and its design agency in Milou, says Johan Hedlund, CEO at Neava Technologies AB.

Neava Technologies AB will be a subsidiary of Softhouse and will change its name to Softhouse Neava AB.

PR Contact Neava

Photo: Magnus Stenberg, Luleåfotograferna


Johan Hedlund, CEO Neava Technologies AB

+46 703 659533




PR Contact Softhouse


Stina Åkesson, Investor Relations Manager, Softhouse

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Tord Olsson, Acting CEO Softhouse

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