by Ardiana Spahija


by Ardiana Spahija


Sanna swén - product owner with passion for development kling at Softhouse Neava in Luleå

A Product Owner with a passion for development – and student engagement! Meet Sanna Swén, a 25-year-old Product Owner at Softhouse in Luleå, who tackles multiple responsibilities on a daily basis. From customer contact to contract and billing management, project leadership, requirement gathering, backlog maintenance, and market analysis, her workday is filled with exciting tasks. Additionally, she devotes herself to crafting visions and roadmaps for our product, ARVUE, and establishing new customer relationships through product demonstrations.

Softhouse Neava - Arvue demo mockup

Softhouse Neava – Arvue demo mockup

As a Product Owner, Sanna ensures that ARVUE continues to evolve and meet customer needs. Currently, Sanna and her team are working on completing two new house models for one of our clients, which involves intensive customer interaction. Simultaneously, she is planning a new roadmap and exploring new market areas for our product.

My goal is to expand our business and attract new customers from different industries. Additionally, I recently had a student with me for a nine-week internship, and we are now in the final stages of the project.

Softhouse Neava - Arvue mockups

Softhouse Neava – Arvue mockups

As if that weren’t enough, Sanna is also responsible for recruitment, conducting job interviews, and mentoring student projects. She truly embraces a broad and versatile role that allows her to grow and develop as an individual.

I believe in the importance of being present in various student forums and contexts and offering opportunities for thesis work, internships, and mentoring programs at Softhouse Neava. When I was a student myself, I missed having contact with companies during my education. That’s why I think it’s crucial that we work with students, as we may be their future employers.

Motivation, Tools, and Techniques

As a consultant, Sanna appreciates the fact that no two days are the same. Her workdays are filled with different challenges, from handling critical bugs to planning and conducting interviews. She thrives on juggling multiple tasks and enjoys the variation that the consultant role brings. When asked about what drives her and motivates her in her work, Sanna responds:

I love to grow and develop, both individually and as part of my team. Seeing an idea about how the product can evolve, take shape, and be implemented brings me great satisfaction. I also enjoy the challenges that come with being a Product Owner, especially handling new situations and learning new things.

Regarding tools and technology, Sanna’s favorite tool is Jira. She has created her board to manage her work and appreciates the ability to gather and prioritize tasks in a backlog.

Jira is a fantastic tool that significantly facilitates my workflow and helps me keep track of all the different tasks I have, says Sanna.

The Journey to Softhouse Neava

Sanna’s professional journey began when she joined Softhouse Neava in Luleå in June 2022. She had written her thesis in the spring of 2022, with one of the founders of Neava as her supervisor, which eventually led to an interview and an offer to take on the role of Product Owner for ARVUE.

One could say that my summer was intense, exciting, and full of learning opportunities. I immersed myself in everything and tried to learn as much as I could before taking the reins on my own, shares Sanna.

When asked about the most enjoyable aspect of her job, Sanna smiles and says that no two days are alike.

While I have recurring tasks that I tackle daily, unexpected and critical situations can arise that require adept juggling of multiple responsibilities. But that suits me well because I prefer having a lot to do rather than too little, says Sanna cheerfully.

The Challenges of a Product Owner

During our conversation, Sanna shared that the role of a Product Owner has brought, and continues to bring certain challenges.

As a newcomer in the role, I had to learn things quickly and develop rapidly. Handling completely new and unfamiliar situations has been a significant challenge for me, but it has also enabled a fantastic journey of growth in a short period. When I look back on my journey, I feel proud of how much I’ve learned and grown.

Working at Softhouse has provided Sanna with the opportunity to meet friendly colleagues and has allowed room for personal development. As Neava recently became part of Softhouse, she has had the chance to meet many new colleagues during the spring and feels warmly welcomed into the company.

I’m looking forward to Softhouse Day, an event where all colleagues from Softhouse gather, share Sanna.

Consulting, Teamwork, and Belonging

When asked about her favorite core value at Softhouse, Sanna chooses “team.”

Although all the core values are important, my favorite is definitely ‘team.’ Having a strong and collaborative team is crucial for success and progress. Without a team, you won’t get anywhere, says Sanna.

Softhouse has a company culture that values open communication and collaboration. For Sanna, it is essential to be able to ask questions and support each other within the team.

There are many great benefits to a culture like ours at Softhouse. Personally, it is essential for me to have open communication to handle uncomfortable situations, but also to laugh and have fun together. This creates a strong sense of teamwork, enabling us to create a productive work environment where the team can thrive and work more effectively, shares Sanna.

From Modern and Digital to Analog

In her free time, Sanna enjoys cooking, exercising, and walking. She also has a passion for photography with her Polaroid camera.

Using an analog camera allows me to carefully consider lighting and angles to capture the perfect shot. There’s something special about seeing the photo develop, which gives me a unique sense of satisfaction, she says.

Sanna concludes by emphasizing the importance of challenging herself both professionally and personally.

I love feeling strong and healthy and strive to reach new goals and continuously develop myself every day.


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