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Visualizing data and creating data-driven decisions through Business Intelligence is part of the future.

All businesses today have large amounts of data, even if you may not always think about it. It can be about order intake, financial systems, customer satisfaction, CRM or other types of systems and measurement functions. Often all this data is an unused resource where there is money to both earn and save. More accessible data increases the opportunities to make better and smarter business decisions faster. But it also means large amounts of information and this in turn places new demands on order, structure and quality in the data.

Many organizations benefit from making data-driven decisions and using Business Intelligence as a source of decision support. We have extensive experience from working with both large, worldwide companies, to smaller services and companies. Regardless of the size of your company, we have the opportunity to help you produce custom location information that is delivered in a smooth way at the right time with the help of, for example, Qlik Sense.

Commonly an organization needs to have data delivered and analyzed in a smart and efficient way by visualizing and highlighting key figures and data that are specific to certain areas. The data visualizes the company’s reality but can be tailored and adapted according to position or area. A smart and carefully planned Business Intelligence solution provides support to decision makers in a smart and easily accessible way. Here we can help you easily package the data and visualize it so that you and your colleagues actually understand it.

Visualize data

Make data visual and it comes to life

There are many different occasions throughout history where it has helped to visualize data. An example is from the cholera pandemics that ravaged the 19th century. Dr. John Snow found that the cause of cholera was contaminated drinking water after he plotted out the deaths found in tables on a map. It was the first time a map was used to make decisions in the event of an epidemic.

Another telling example from one of our assignments was when we had to show how easy it is to get started with Qlik Sense and sat down with a customer and pulled in log data from a document system that had started to behave strangely. In the first graph we produced, it was seen that the number of accessed documents suddenly increased by twenty thousand per day. After some analysis, we could also read that the entire increase was linked to a single person at the company. Which of course raises some questions. It was all due to a combination of a person having incorrect rights and suddenly starting to work at home and ticking “Make available offline” on the root node in the document tree, which could be quickly fixed.

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Visualize data through BI

For more than ten years now, we have been used to visualizing and analyzing data from a wide variety of different areas and industries. In order for you to get a sense of what we can help you with, we have listed some examples of common analyzes that we do. It can be, for example;

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